Take GDP data with a grain of salt
Jul 25, 2022

Take GDP data with a grain of salt

This week's gross domestic product reading may show a contracting economy, but don't assume we're in a recession. Plus, a trip to an offshore wind farm near Massachusetts.

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This week's GDP number may show a shrinking economy. But that doesn't equal recession.

Jul 25, 2022
There are reasons to take a weak gross domestic product report with a big grain of salt.
Thursday’s report on gross domestic product may show a contracting economy, but recessions are typically determined by a wider range of data.
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Supply chains are still disrupted, corporate economists report

Jul 25, 2022
A record-high percentage of firms are facing supply shortages, the National Association for Business Economics found, and most are passing cost increases om to customers.
There are more new cars available to consumers, but it's more because of slowing demand than easing supply chain issues.
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Filling jobs in the new U.S. offshore wind industry is a "huge challenge"

Jul 25, 2022
Good-paying jobs are a selling point with renewable energy projects. In Massachusetts, training programs are popping up to get people ready.
Massachusetts Maritime Academy on Cape Cod offers a safety training class that is required to work in offshore wind jobs.
Samantha Fields/Marketplace

With limited access to abortion comes limited access to medical training to perform abortions

Jul 25, 2022
Med students and residents worry about getting routine access to instruction.
Nearly 40% of residency programs do not offer routine access to abortion training, according to one estimate.
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Apple would like to be the OS of your next car

Jul 25, 2022
Apple has big plans for CarPlay.
"Everybody’s looking to monetize these digital dashboards," says journalist Thomas Hundal.
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There's a new spate of working-class sitcoms, and they're not sold on the American dream

Jul 25, 2022
"They're sort of poking fun at the idea of upward mobility, of the American dream being something that's attainable," said Vulture's Roxana Hadadi.
Craig Robinson, left, and Rell Battle star in the new working-class comedy "Killing It."
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

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