Nancy Farghalli

Executive Producer


Nancy is the executive producer of “Marketplace,” a daily radio program hosted by Kai Ryssdal that reaches more than 12.5 million people weekly. She oversees all daily production and content of “Marketplace,” guiding the show’s series, specials and regular programming.

Prior to this role, Nancy held several positions at Marketplace, serving as lead pilot producer for podcasts and senior editor of the Wealth & Poverty Desk. In this position, she worked with a reporting team to cover social mobility, wealth disparity and the economics of mobility. She created and produced the award-winning podcast “The Uncertain Hour.” She has led production of live events, such as Marketplace’s 2012 election tour and the 25th anniversary roadshow tour. She also collaborated with the BBC, Slate, The New York Times and ProPublica on investigative and immersive series focused on health care economics, immigration and wage politics.

Nancy is on the board of SABEW, the Association for Business Journalists. She played a critical role in special coverage streams — including the last three presidential elections, the Great Recession and news about the Middle East and the Arab Spring.

Nancy worked on the Emmy Award-winning series “Big Sky, Big Money,” a PBS “Frontline” documentary about money in politics, produced in partnership with Marketplace.

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