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Nancy Farghalli

Executive Producer


Nancy is the executive producer of “Marketplace,” a daily radio program hosted by Kai Ryssdal that reaches more than 12.5 million people weekly. She oversees all daily production and content of “Marketplace,” guiding the show’s series, specials and regular programming.

Prior to this role, Nancy held several positions at Marketplace, serving as lead pilot producer for podcasts and senior editor of the Wealth & Poverty Desk. In this position, she worked with a reporting team to cover social mobility, wealth disparity and the economics of mobility. She created and produced the award-winning podcast “The Uncertain Hour.” She has led production of live events, such as Marketplace’s 2012 election tour and the 25th anniversary roadshow tour. She also collaborated with the BBC, Slate, The New York Times and ProPublica on investigative and immersive series focused on health care economics, immigration and wage politics.

Nancy is on the board of SABEW, the Association for Business Journalists. She played a critical role in special coverage streams — including the last three presidential elections, the Great Recession and news about the Middle East and the Arab Spring.

Nancy worked on the Emmy Award-winning series “Big Sky, Big Money,” a PBS “Frontline” documentary about money in politics, produced in partnership with Marketplace.

Latest Stories (46)

Job shortage in Egypt

Sep 15, 2006
Most people think a college education is the ticket for a good, well-paying job. But college grads in Egypt are finding that's not always true. Nancy Farghalli reports.
Egyptians hold up banners during a protest in front of the parliament building in Cairo in 2004. Some 400 people gathered to protest against the prime minister who they say has failed to curb unemployment and the increase in the cost of living.
Amro Maraghi (c) AFP/Getty Images

Cairo's costly new clean cabs

Aug 22, 2006
The Egyptian government has rolled out a fleet of new eco-friendly yellow cabs, replacing the older, smoggier variety. It's a sign that the country's getting serious about air pollution — but there is one catch, Nancy Farghalli reports.
Egyptians walks past 150 new taxi cabs aligned in one of Cairo's main squares.
Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

Egypt's next big thing

Jul 25, 2006
Egypt has plans to broaden the country's tourism appeal beyond just the pyramids. Nancy Farghalli tells us what's coming.
The Great Pyramides of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus in Giza, Cairo, Egypt
Marco Di Lauro (c) Getty Images

The empire of Sudoku

Jun 16, 2006
It's has been a year since the puzzle game started to appear in US papers, and it's pretty much created its own business empire since. Nancy Farghalli has the story.
A game company set up a giant Sudoku puzzle game board in New York City's Times Square, challenging passers-by to complete the puzzle in eight minutes or less.
Chris Hondros (c) Getty Images

Paying for college

Apr 26, 2006
May 1 is the deadline to accept most college offers and with that yes comes a big financial bill. As Nancy Farghalli reports, the competition to help families pay is heating up.
Harvard University students chat in the quad on campus
William B. Plowman (c) Getty Images

Amana funds

Feb 21, 2006
What's the secret to one of the most profitable mutual funds around? As Nancy Farghalli reports, it's Islamic law.
Pakistani staff and customers at the first Islamic bank, Meezan Bank, in Karachi