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Inflation may have already peaked

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An employee walks past a shelf at a grocery store.

Some stores are stocking fewer items or reducing their hours to deal with rising costs. Other businesses are creating new purchasing, storage or delivery strategies. Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

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Inflation is high, but has it peaked?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Jan 12, 2022
Inflation is high but decelerating. So when will it decelerate to something normal?

Are wages outpacing inflation? Depends on what you do.

by Justin Ho Jan 12, 2022
Real average hourly pay increased 0.1% in December. Generally, wages are beating inflation, but some industries are lagging.
A Warmer World

Oil jobs abound in West Texas, but obstacles hamper hiring

by Andy Uhler Jan 12, 2022
Is it the Great Resignation? A clean-energy future? Higher wages? Or all of the above?
My Economy

How a “gap year” away from the gig economy changed this artist’s life

by Maria Hollenhorst Jan 12, 2022
“Time became the thing we identified as the ultimate privilege,” said Atiya Jones, a visual artist in Pittsburgh.

NuScale, compact nuclear plant developer, plans to go public

by Mitchell Hartman Jan 12, 2022
The company has created a modular design it says makes financial sense. Though carbon-free, nuclear remains controversial.

Alimony till death

From Marketplace’s “This is Uncomfortable”: When Sonia Delgado divorced her husband after 30 years of a bad marriage, she thought she’d finally seized financial freedom. Instead, she faced a lifetime of alimony.

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