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Where in the (business) world is Bhutan?

Lisa Napoli | May 18, 2007
The remote Himalayan nation of Bhutan recently sent its first trade delegation to Los Angeles. Their goal: How to adapt to business culture without losing their own. Lisa Napoli reports.

Buzzword: Bait and switch

| May 18, 2007
You think you're getting a Lincoln, but you end up with a lemon.

Have insurance with assurance

| May 18, 2007
From national fires to the approach of hurricane season, it's more important than ever to have good homeowner's insurance. Alisa Roth preps us for the right policy.

Cycling in crisis

Scott Jagow | May 18, 2007
With some 100 world-class cyclists accused of doping and longtime sponsors considering pulling their support from the Tour de France, the sport of cycling has truly reached a crisis point. Diana Nyad says science is its best hope for a cure.
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Digital age puts the numbers upfront

Lisa Napoli | May 18, 2007
We're still watching plenty of TV, but one of the big stories coming out of this year's upfronts is how to count all those Internet downloads when it comes to ratings and ad dollars says Variety's Mike Speier.
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Hoffa to China: A global union movement?

Scott Tong | May 18, 2007
Compamines are global, capital is global... why not labor unions? The Teamsters boss visits China as the emerging economic giant considers a new law giving bite to China's mostly toothless labor protections.
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Don't punish a country's progress

| May 18, 2007
Four presidents, two prime ministers and a king are among the 11 members of a club addressing the problem of decreasing foreign aid to countries showing some progress. Orly Halpern reports.

Your employer may know you're listening to this. . .</p>

| May 18, 2007
Workplace monitoring is pretty much a fact of life these days. Most companies do it one way or another, as new technology makes it easier to spy on employees. So privacy advocates are pushing for some new ground rules. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Britain's housing fever

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | May 18, 2007
House-hunters in the U.K. &mdash; particularly would-be first-time buyers &mdash; are getting desperate as property prices there continue to rise higher and higher and higher. Stephen Beard has this story.
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Cloudy skies for British Airways

Stephen Beard | May 18, 2007
British Airways has admitted to breaches of competition laws and set aside $700 million to pay for that mistake. And that's not the only trouble creating turbulence for the airline, Stephen Beard reports.
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