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Senate chews on new tobacco tax

Hilary Wicai | Mar 23, 2007
A vote is expected today on a plan to hike tobacco taxes again. This time the increase would be used to boost funding for a health insurance program for low-income children.
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Fighting an antibiotic resistance — with taxes

Helen Palmer | Mar 23, 2007
Antibiotics are so cheap and easy to prescribe, there's little incentive for doctors not to, even though resistance grows with each use. But now a think tank has suggested novel approach: If you can't cure the behavior, tax it.
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All grapes are not created equal

Lisa Napoli | Mar 23, 2007
The truth in labeling movement is seeping into vineyards. Winemakers from the U.S., Europe and Australia were on the Hill this week asking lawmakers and trade officials to protect the integrity of their labels.

Grand theft corporate

Janet Babin | Mar 23, 2007
Oracle is suing rival software giant SAP, saying it hacked into its support sites with Oracle customer logins. SAP allegedly accessed proprietary information and then used it to undercut Oracle rates in order to steal its customers.
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Golden anniversary in Europe

Stephen Beard | Mar 23, 2007
The European Union turns 50 on Sunday and people will be celebrating its history with free beer and sausage in the streets of Berlin. But as in many relationships, there's squabbling about the future behind the happy facade.
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Battle continues over war funding

John Dimsdale | Mar 22, 2007
The House is debating President Bush's request for emergency Iraq war funding. Neither the president nor some lawmakers are pleased with the bill's language requiring a troop pullout. John Dimsdale reports.
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Borders says its future is online

Alisa Roth | Mar 22, 2007
Borders Books — struggling against Barnes & Noble,, and even Costco — plans to do more business on the Web. Alisa Roth reports.
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E.U. agrees to 'Open Skies'

Stephen Beard | Mar 22, 2007
European Union transportation ministers have approved an agreement that's expected to increase airline flights and lower ticket prices between the U.S. and Europe starting next year. Stephen Beard explains.
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Looking to take bites out of YouTube

Lisa Napoli | Mar 22, 2007
NBC and News Corp have made a deal with Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL to distribute television shows and movies online. Sounds a lot like YouTube? That's the idea. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Filters will do just fine

| Mar 22, 2007
The Child Online Protection Act was declared unconstitutional today. It's been tied up in the courts since it passed nine years ago at the dawn of the Internet Age. Pat Loeb reports.
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