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"Moral hazard" at banks isn't just a theoretical concern

According to Boston College's Patricia McCoy, data underscore concerns about the government's role in risk-taking at banks.
Data support the claim that too much government backing can incentivize banks to take more risks, says Boston College law professor Patricia McCoy.
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Eight states have passed pay transparency laws. How effective are they so far?

Mar 22, 2023
A quarter of U.S. workers now live in a place where local law requires job listings to include a salary range.
New York City's stab at pay transparency offers insight into how such laws could work in other states.
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How to get more than $250,000 covered by federal deposit insurance

From creating joint accounts to patronizing multiple banks, there are ways to maximize FDIC coverage, says economics contributor Chris Farrell.
Having too much money to be insured in one account is a good problem to have. Marketplace economics contributor Chris Farrell explains how to solve it.
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Trying to explain the bank runs? The "takeconomy" might deserve some of the blame.

Mar 21, 2023
Many factors led to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, but content creator Kyla Scanlon says "social media risk" accelerated the slide.
Credit Suisse Chair Axel Lehmann blamed his bank's failure partly on a "social media storm." Content creator Kyla Scanlon highlights the role of social media in the instability that has jolted global finance.
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Rent hikes are finally easing — except for renters who can afford it the least

Mar 21, 2023
Rents at the bottom of the market, where supply is tighter relative to demand, have risen faster than those of higher-priced properties.
Rent price growth is stuck at around 8.5% for lower-priced renters, well above the increases in other segments of the market.
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Why Nestle lost $2.1 billion on this peanut allergy cure

Mar 21, 2023
The Swiss grocery giant bought the maker of Palforzia as part of an effort to take Nestle into the profitable health and wellness space.
Nestle CEO Mark Schneider bought the maker of Palforzia, a peanut allergy cure, as part of a pivot toward the intersection of nutrition and pharmaceuticals.
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One mom on what the end of additional SNAP benefits means for her family

Mar 21, 2023
Millions of people have had their benefits cut by at least $95 a month, at a time when food prices are up almost 10%.
Mansie Meikle with her 4-year-old daughter.
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For public good, not for profit.

According to a recent report from Ipsos, consumers are slightly uncertain about the future of the economy, even though consumer spending hasn't eased in the face of high interest rates and prices.
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How the Fed's rate hikes spelled trouble for banks like SVB

Mar 21, 2023
Why bonds lose value when the Fed hikes interest rates and what that has to do with banks.
Silicon Valley Bank was among the financial institutions for which rising interest rates on bonds spelled trouble.
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After banking crisis, the housing market faces even more uncertainty

Mar 21, 2023
Industry analysts, would-be buyers and sellers are waiting for the Federal Reserve’s next rate decision.
A for sale sign is seen next to a house in Arlington, Virginia. Recent bank failures and financial sector unease are unwelcome news for the housing sector.
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