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Let's just call them garbage mortgages

Scott Jagow | Aug 13, 2007
Allan Sloan says subprime is too nice a word for the high-risk mortgages that were bundled then sliced and diced and served up to investors. He says maybe they'd have thought twice before buying into garbage mortgages... or maybe not.

Fingers crossed for a rate cut?

Amy Scott | Aug 13, 2007
The Fed will be looking at two key inflation measures this week: Tomorrow we'll get a read on July wholesale prices and Wednesday the Labor Department reports on consumer prices. But officials may have something else on their minds. Amy Scott has more.
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What to do about Avandia?

Stephen Beard | Aug 13, 2007
With more studies out on the potentially serious side-effects of Avandia, GlaxoSmithKline is trying to revise marketing for its once second-best selling drug. Stephen Beard reports.
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Now that's cradle-to-grave marketing

Jeremy Hobson | Aug 13, 2007
It's the latest trend in fundraising, er make that "friend raising." A growing number of colleges and universities now offer their most devoted alumni a chance to spend the afterlife back on campus. Jeremy Hobson has the story.

Race for Arctic oil heats up

Sam Eaton | Aug 13, 2007
A team of Danish scientists shipped out this weekend for a month-long mapping expedition in the Arctic Ocean. It's the latest move in what's become a high-stakes race to claim the Arctic's potential oil reserves. Sam Eaton reports.

No private-equity blues for Blackstone

Amy Scott | Aug 13, 2007
Despite private-equity firms struggling with the credit market clamp down, Blackstone Group still posted a healthy profit last quarter. But Amy Scott reports the company may have more challenges ahead.
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Sad development in Chinese toy recall

Scott Tong | Aug 13, 2007
Mattel recently recalled nearly a million toys made a Chinese supplier because they contained dangerous levels of lead paint. Over the weekend, the head of that company reportedly committed suicide. Scott Tong reports.
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Bernanke and Credit Crunch, 1990-91

Chris Farrell | Aug 11, 2007
Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Barnanke is trying to hold the line. Although I disagree with much of the current commentary disparaging Alan...

Know your 401K plan

Janet Babin | Aug 10, 2007
With no end in sight to the subprime mortgage crisis, many Americans can at least count on one thing: their 401K. A new study says our contributions are up over the past few years. But Janet Babin reports that there are still things people don't know about their plan.
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Who owns your mortgage?

| Aug 10, 2007
Many experts point to the mortgage mess as the cause of the current stock market dip. But one problem for many people who have a bad mortgage is that they don't know who actually owns it. Tess talks to UCLA finance professor Dr. Stuart Gabriel.