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We love to talk trash

Tess Vigeland | Sep 26, 2007
Marketplace's Tess Vigeland just passed Day 11 of her experiment to carry around all of the trash she produces in two weeks. She spoke with Doug Krizner about the potent effect of ripe chicken bones.

London's the foreign exchange center

Stephen Beard | Sep 26, 2007
Or maybe we should say "centre." Stephen Beard reports that London does more than twice the amount of foreign trading as New York, and that one advantage has a lot to do with location.
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Bye-bye, Bayer

Jill Barshay | Sep 26, 2007
Relieving itself of the pain of high regulation fees, German aspirin maker Bayer left the New York Stock Exchange today. And Jill Barshay reports it's not the only European company to do so.
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UAW and GM strike a deal

Lisa Napoli | Sep 26, 2007
The United Auto Workers and General Motors have come to a tentative agreement, effectively ending the union strike. GM spokesman Tom Wickham told Lisa Napoli the deal closed a major competitive gap.
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Inspector costs under microscope

Sarah Gardner | Sep 26, 2007
The House is considering a bill today that calls for more inspectors of food and drug imports. But should consumers pay for increased safety, or taxpayers? Sarah Gardner has more.

Sliding dollar hurts American consumer

| Sep 26, 2007
The U.S. dollar may be down at a record low against the euro, but why does that matter if you're not traveling? Commentator Robert Reich explains a ripple effect that amounts to much more than a pricier vacation.

More Bad News on Health Care Premiums

Chris Farrell | Sep 26, 2007
Healthcare insurance premiums are poised to head higher next year. To be sure, the latest Hewitt Associates study shows that health care cost rate...

It's not easy selling green

| Sep 25, 2007
As environmental businesses begin to flood the market, they're turning to corporate branders to set their wares apart from the pack. Claire Schoen listened in on brainstorming sessions between some San Francisco entrepreneurs and the branding company, Lexicon.

Living with China's different speeds

Scott Tong | Sep 25, 2007
As China races to soon become the number three economy in the world, many aspects of its economy and society are still catching up. Our man in Shanghai, Scott Tong, shares experiences and observations from his daily life there.
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PowerSet searches for online niche

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 25, 2007
Last month Google handled 54% of all Internet searches in the United States, Yahoo 20%. Yet, that dominance isn't deterring a company called PowerSet from entering the search business. Leo LaPorte explained its efforts to Kai Ryssdal.
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