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Let's return rewards to risk takers

| Jul 9, 2007
Tougher U.S. bankruptcy rules now make it more difficult for entrepreneurs to shield personal assets when their businesses fail. As a result, says commentator Aparna Mathur, business start-ups are declining.

Online 'gold farming' more than a game

Rico Gagliano | Jul 9, 2007
Online gamers known as "gold farmers" harvest virtual items like magic swords and potions and sell them to other players for real money. South Korea has adopted laws restricting the practice. Rico Gagliano reports.
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Parents make easy prey

Scott Jagow | Jul 9, 2007
Most moms and dads these days are over-tired, over-stressed and over-worried that they're not doing the right thing when it comes to raising their kids, says author Susan Gregory Thomas. And, she says, that makes them easy targets for marketers.
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Baseball's newest position: translator

Nancy Farghalli | Jul 9, 2007
Major League Baseball's rosters are increasingly being filled by foreign-born players, and that trend has translated into a new job opportunity for people fluent in certain languages, including baseball, Nancy Farghalli reports.
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Wanted: Parts for clean energy

Stephen Beard | Jul 9, 2007
There's been such a demand for clean, renewable energy in recent years that parts makers around the world are running short on the stuff windmills are made of, reports today's Wall Street Journal. Stephen Beard has details.
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Paying real dollars for ghost gas

Sam Eaton | Jul 9, 2007
A quick science lesson this morning: The volume of gas expands in heat. Retail gas prices are based on a temperature of 60 degrees. That means when it's hotter you're paying the same price for less gas. Sam Eaton has more details.

Troop withdrawal back up for debate

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 9, 2007
There's a $650 billion defense authorization bill on the Senate's table, and with $130 billion earmarked to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops' presence there is fair game for debate again. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Best stock prices guaranteed

Janet Babin | Jul 9, 2007
New rules go into effect on U.S. markets today. They're designed to make sure that everyone gets the best stock price available, no matter how big or small the transaction. Good for small-time investors, but maybe not for everyone. Janet Babin explains.
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Boeing's Dreamliner come true

Jason Paur | Jul 9, 2007
The sleek, new Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its first public appearance yesterday in Everett, Washington, but the event had an international flair befitting a plane built in several countries and bound for several foreign carriers. Jason Paur reports.
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Zimbabwe in crisis

Scott Jagow and Gretchen Wilson | Jul 9, 2007
Citizens of Zimbabwe have been faced with staggering 4,000% inflation, but President Robert Mugabe's latest move to address the situation is about to leave the African nation without food or gas to buy at any price. Gretchen Wilson fills us in.
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