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About a third of companies cut employee pay in response to COVID-19, survey finds

Jul 8, 2020
More than half of the companies making cuts say they helped avoid layoffs, for now.
Of the companies that cut employee pay in response to the pandemic, over half of them say cuts allowed them to avoid layoffs.
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Answers to your questions about unemployment benefits and COVID-19

Jul 7, 2020
As we approach the deadline for the expanded coronavirus unemployment payments to end, we look at some of the key questions around benefits.
Hundreds of unemployed Kentucky residents wait in long lines outside the Kentucky Career Center for help with their unemployment claims.
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It's the last month of $600-a-week unemployment benefits. What happens next?

Jul 7, 2020
Unless Congress extends the $600-a-week program, benefits are set to expire at the end of July.
Overall, jobless benefits are pumping about $100 billion per month into the U.S. economy.
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How the UK has kept unemployment down — for now

Jul 7, 2020
So far, the nation's businesses have avoided laying off 9.3 million workers.
Government furlough programs and business loan and grant schemes allowed U.K. companies to keep their staff on their payrolls even if their doors were shut.
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Minimum wage rises for some despite business protests

Jul 3, 2020
Some businesses owners struggling with COVID-19 restrictions asked for the pay hike to be delayed.
Members of the Service Employees International Union call for an increased minimum wage.
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Despite June's bullish employment numbers, the job market is reeling — and will be for a while

Jul 2, 2020
Employment remains below pre-pandemic levels, and as recently reopened businesses re-close, more job losses are on the way.
A grocery store employee cleans carts for customers in New York. Low-wage workers are disproportionately affected by the suffering job market.
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Here's what the crescendo of unemployment sounds like

Jun 24, 2020
Jordan Wirfs-Brock "sonified" data from unemployment claims to give us another way to process historic job losses.
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Should employers report employees who don't go back to work?

May 14, 2020
It could mean workers scared of COVID-19 are kicked off unemployment benfits.
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