Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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President Obama is on his way to Africa for a week-long trip that will take him to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. The visit is, in part, aimed at increasing U.S. trade and investment on the continent. China's markets are down as the country's central bank cracks down on 'shadow banking' by tightening credit. And 401(k), 403(b) -- which retirement plan is the best for you?

Breakfast: The most important meal for food companies

General Mills posts strong profits, but the battle for breakfast is heating up.
Posted In: food and drink, Food, breakfast, General Mills, cereal

FTC tells search engines to clearly label advertisements

In a letter today to Google, Bing and other search engines, the Federal Trade Commission warned of a need to "clearly and prominently" distinguish ads from natural search results.
Posted In: Google, search engines, FTC, bing

PODCAST: My finger is on the button

Would a Softbank-Sprint deal lower mobile phone costs in the U.S.? The 'start' button is back. And happy 40th to Broadway discounter TKTS.

DOMA's death changes economic life today

The Supreme Court's ruling striking down DOMA will change federal tax and social security benefits for legally married gay and lesbian couples around the country.
Posted In: DOMA, gay marriage, Supreme Court, benefits

First quarter GDP growth revised down to 1.8%

Remember during the dark days of winter when you were feeling lethargic. Same with the economy, turns out.
Posted In: GDP

Will a Softbank-Sprint deal lower mobile phone prices?

Shareholders of Sprint Nextel approved an offer from Softbank to acquire a bulk of the U.S. phone company. Now it's up to Washington regulators to approve the foreign purchase.
Posted In: Sprint, Softbank, Japan, Dish, telecom

Broadway discount booth TKTS turns 40

Broadway ticket discounter TKTS turns 40 today. A look at the business of one of the original discounters.
Posted In: New York, New York City, broadway, musical, tourism

How to manage retirement plans as they pile up

In 21st century America, jobs for life are rare. For those lucky enough to have jobs with retirement plans, with the many jobs comes many retirement plans, which all send quarterly statements that need tracking.
Posted In: IRA, 401k, Retirement, retirement savings

Microsoft developers say 'start me up, again'

Microsoft holds its big developer conference and we get the 'start' button back.
Posted In: Microsoft, apple, Google, windows

Will China bring its 'shadow banks' out of the shadows?

Chinese markets have been on a roller coaster ride ever since the government froze lending between banks last week to combat so-called 'shadow banking'. Where does the world's second biggest economy go from here?
Posted In: China, Xi Jinping, credit crunch

U.S. business gets a ticket to Obama's Africa trip

President Obama's week-long trip to Africa will take him to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. Obama's visit is aimed, in part, at increasing U.S. trade and investment in Africa.
Posted In: Africa, South Africa, Tanzania, GM, China, Obama

Meet Ouya, the new $100 video game console

The console, which features indie video games, is already making waves online. Its Kickstarter campaign attracted over 60,000 backers and $8.5 million.
Posted In: video games, kickstarter, xbox

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