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09/04/2017: Americans aren't using those vacation days

Sep 4, 2017
There are reports that President Trump plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which has given hundreds of thousands of young immigrants a reprieve from deportation. We'll look at how recipients have been preparing, along with the…

09/01/2017: Is it going to be difficult to find a lawyer in Harvey's aftermath?

Sep 1, 2017
The U.S. created 156,000 jobs in August, while the unemployment rate ticked up to 4.4 percent. The verdict? We're doing OK — not that great, not that bad. Chris Low, the CEO of FTN Financial, joins us to help sort…

08/31/2017: How crowdfunding is changing disaster relief

Aug 31, 2017
Hurricane Harvey has caused up to $190 billion in damage, according to some estimates. That would make it the costliest natural disaster in the country's history. Diane Swonk, CEO of DS Economics, joins us to talk about Harvey's economic impact…

08/30/2017: "This government is nothing but dysfunctional"

Aug 30, 2017
Hurricane Harvey may have an effect on gas pumps that aren't anywhere near Texas. With oil refineries shutting down production, we'll take a look at how much gas prices across the country could rise. Afterwards, we'll discuss whether Trump will…

08/29/2017: Why investors are pulling billions out of mutual and exchange-traded funds

Aug 29, 2017
Mutual and exchange-traded funds focused on U.S. stocks are seeing billions of dollars flow out. Are investors just happy about the money they've already made, or are they noticing something in the underlying U.S economy? Macropolicy Perspective's Julia Coronado is…

08/28/2017: The real cost of a natural disaster

Aug 28, 2017
With Hurricane Harvey causing many refineries in Texas to temporarily shut down, we'll chat with Energy Intelligence analyst Barbara Shook about the effects this is having on crude oil and gasoline prices. Afterwards, we'll chat with University of South Carolina…

08/25/2017: Changing the way apartments operate in the gig economy

Aug 25, 2017
Fed Chair Janet Yellen is set to speak at the Fed's annual symposium at Jackson Hole today about financial stability. We'll chat with economist Diane Swonk about how our economy looks after a decade of easy monetary policy. Afterwards, we'll…

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08/24/2017: America's AAA credit rating is at risk

Aug 24, 2017
We've had federal government shutdowns and we've bumped into the federal borrowing limit, but now there's danger of both happening at the same time. Economist Julia Coronado MacroPolicy Perspectives joins us to talk about the issue, along with the state…

08/23/2017: Public libraries aren't just for books

Aug 23, 2017
With the summer winding down, we'll check in with Westwood Holdings Group's Susan Schmidt about how the markets are doing. Afterwards, we'll discuss Staples' struggling sales, and then look at how some public libraries are starting to loan out musical…

08/22/2017: The number of U.S. border agents is on the decline

Aug 22, 2017
President Trump is in Phoenix, Arizona for a rally where he'll try to score points on immigration and his plans for a border wall. But it turns out hiring border guards is getting harder. On today's show, we'll take a…