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08/21/2017: American automakers are siding with Canada and Mexico on this key issue

Aug 21, 2017
The U.S., Mexico and Canada are done with their first round of NAFTA talks. One thing the U.S. wants NAFTA to implement: a rule requiring a set percentage of cars' components to come exclusively from the U.S. Canada and Mexico…

08/18/2017: Globalization might be getting too much blame

Aug 18, 2017
Market players are concerned that President Trump's senior economic adviser, Gary Cohn, might resign over his disappointment with Trump's comments on the Charlottesville protests. But he's the one figure in the administration who gives Wall Street the most comfort, and…

08/17/2017: The tale of the vanishing businessmen

Aug 17, 2017
After CEOs started abandoning ship from President Trump's business advisory groups, he just decided to...dissolve a couple of them. On today's show, we'll look at whether these councils could've actually accomplished anything, and if the CEOs of these big companies…

08/16/2017: The price tag of letting Obamacare fail

Aug 16, 2017
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has released a new report evaluating what would happen if Trump cut off Obamacare subsidies. The result: the government will actually end up shelling out more money. We'll take a look at why this move…

08/15/2017: Millennials aren't very interested in those candlelight suppers

Aug 15, 2017
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has decided not to launch four missiles toward Guam after all, according to state media reports. Is that what's helping to calm markets? MacroPolicy Perspectives Julia Coronado joined us to talk about some of the…

08/14/2017: Countering domestic terrorism

Aug 14, 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called Saturday's deadly car attack in Charlottesville an act of domestic terrorism. On today's show, we'll chat with Faiza Patel from NYU's Brennan Center for Justice about how the government tries to combat violent extremism.…

08/11/2017: "The McDonaldization of culture"

Aug 11, 2017
President Donald Trump said his administration is preparing to declare the epidemic of opioid abuse a national emergency. On today's show, we'll look at how resources might be distributed toward combating the issue. Afterwards, we'll look at fears in Britain…

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08/10/2017: Employers aren't finding enough workers who can pass a drug test

Aug 10, 2017
Blue Apron's stock went down 15 percent after its first earnings report, a disappointment to some who saw the company as a promising investment. Not every IPO does well, but there were some key things that Blue Apron should have…

08/09/2017: Disney's movie catalog is leaving Netflix

Aug 9, 2017
With threats flying between the U.S. and North Korea, the Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer joins us to examine diplomatic ties between the two countries. One of his takeaways? We might actually be able to make progress thanks to Secretary of…

08/08/2017: Why the First Amendment may not help you much on the job

Aug 8, 2017
Google has fired an engineer who sent around an internal memo criticizing the company's diversity initiatives. On today's show, we'll talk about the role the First Amendment plays when it comes to what you can say publicly. Afterwards, we'll discuss…