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Municipal bonds in New Orleans

Tess Vigeland | Nov 7, 2005
Aaron Pressman of Business Week discusses the fate of municipal bonds in parishes and municipalities devastated by Katrina.
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SARS lessons

Steve McNally | Nov 7, 2005
This year, the disease on everybody's mind is bird flu, but two years ago it was SARS, which left hundreds dead in Asia and also hit Toronto. As Steve McNally reports, the city learned some valuable lessons.
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Officials try to revive trade negotiations

Amy Scott | Nov 7, 2005
Trade officials gather in London today to try to jumpstart the Doha round of global free trade negotiations, which has been dragged down by disputes over agricultural subsidies. Amy Scott reports.

Looking to raise the minimum wage

| Nov 7, 2005
Senator Ted Kennedy joins religious leaders today in calling for an increase in the federal minimum wage. As Cheryl Glaser reports, the movement has some surprising supporters.

Nuclear power & CO2

Sam Eaton | Nov 7, 2005
The nuclear power industry touts itself as providing an energy source that doesn't add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. But a symposium of experts gathering today begs to differ. Sam Eaton reports.

Newspaper readership down

Andrea Gardner | Nov 7, 2005
Newspaper circulation figures are expected to be released today, and they're likely to show a decrease. But as Andrea Gardner reports, not all the news is bad.

Broadcasters gouge candidates in election season

Lisa Napoli | Nov 7, 2005
With one day left before elections in many parts of the country, voters are being bombarded by campaign ads on TV. As Lisa Napoli reports, those ads often cost a lot more than they're supposed to.

AFL-CIO looks to free up resources

Hilary Wicai | Nov 7, 2005
The AFL-CIO wants to retool its organizational structure in Pennsylvania and free up more resources for union organizing. If it works there, Hillary Wicai reports, it could be a model for other states to follow.

MIT tracks students' wireless devices

Janet Babin | Nov 7, 2005
MIT recently unveiled a campus-wide map that tracks the wireless devices of its students to, among other things, allow users to figure out where they can study in peace. From the Innovation Desk at WUNC, Janet Babin reports.

France struggles with unrest

Stephen Beard | Nov 7, 2005
As violence spreads across France and the US warns travelers to stay away, Stephen Beard looks at the root causes of the uprising, and at how the French government is planning to address them.
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