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Flying without liquid

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 14, 2006
Revised air travel rules were announced yesterday, but some items considered necessities by many travelers are still prohibited. If the ban persists, what will the friendly skies look like? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Create-your-own Xbox games

Lisa Napoli | Aug 14, 2006
Microsoft has come up with the ultimate video game: a program that lets Xbox players create their own games. Lisa Napoli has the story.
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PepsiCo promotes woman to CEO

Janet Babin | Aug 14, 2006
PepsiCo Inc. said today that CFO Indra Nooyi will replace Steven Reinemund as its CEO — a move that makes her one of the most powerful women in the corporate world. Janet Babin reports.

Coke, Pepsi fizzling in India?

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 14, 2006
Nine Indian states have banned Coke and Pepsi sales over allegations that they contain pesticides. The soda giants insist their Indian products are safe to drink. And many consumers seem to agree, Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Lefties make more

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 14, 2006
Educated men who are left-handed make more money than their right-handed counterparts, according to a recent economic study. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks with economist Christopher S. Ruebeck, who co-wrote the report.

Sloan Sessions: Comverse backdating

Scott Jagow | Aug 14, 2006
Host Scott Jagow and Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan examine the Comverse options backdating scandal.
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Mexico's election protests continue

| Aug 14, 2006
Candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has vowed to contest the recent Mexican presidential election for years to come if necessary. Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to reporter Franc Contreras in Mexico City about the situation there.
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Northwest Airlines strike on hold

Jeff Tyler | Aug 14, 2006
Northwest flight attendants won't begin random walkouts tomorrow night due to the new security concerns at airports. But if the airline doesn't reach a deal in the next 10 days, it could be facing the end. Jeff Tyler reports.

Heading back to Beirut

Scott Jagow | Aug 14, 2006
A UN ceasefire has, for now, ended five weeks of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. The Lebanese people are trying to get back home, but there's an awful lot of damage. Host Scott Jagow talks to Ben Gilbert about the scene in Beirut.
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Brits ease security restrictions — a little

Stephen Beard | Aug 14, 2006
The British government has scaled down its terrorist threat assessment of British airports and eased some of the on-board security restrictions for passengers. Stephen Beard reports.
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