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China trade deficit? No problem

| Nov 16, 2005
While the Bush Administration frets over the growing trade deficit with China, commentator and economist Edmund Phelps argues for leaving things exactly the way they are.

Delta decision

Andrea Gardner | Nov 16, 2005
Today a bankruptcy judge decides whether Delta can void its labor contract with its pilots. Andrea Gardner looks at the precedent for this kind of action, and what factors the judge is likely to consider.

Remittance report

Scott Tong | Nov 16, 2005
A report out today from the World Bank shows remittances (money sent by immigrants to their home countries) beats direct aid to developing nations two to one. Scott Tong reports.
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Farms as Superfund sites?

Sam Eaton | Nov 16, 2005
A Congressional committee today takes up the issue of whether big industrial farms can fall under Superfund cleanup oversight. Sam Eaton reports.

The 'Energy Security' Act

Jeff Tyler | Nov 16, 2005
Senators from both side of the aisle unveil a new bill today aimed at, in part, increasing the number of alternative-fuel vehicles on US roads. Jeff Tyler reports.

Double-click and read all about it!

Amy Scott | Nov 16, 2005
While newspapers in their original print form are losing readers and ad revenue, online editions are becoming increasingly popular. Amy Scott reports.

Pension guarantee fund in red ink

Janet Babin | Nov 16, 2005
The retirement obligations of bankrupt airlines have left the federal agency that guarantees private pensions $23 billion in the red. Janet Babin reports.

Weight-loss supplements

Helen Palmer | Nov 16, 2005
Sure those weight-loss aids might help you lose a few pounds... but they might also be harming your health. Helen Palmer reports.
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The battle for Tamiflu

Stephen Beard | Nov 16, 2005
Gilead and Roche have been engaged in a dispute over the production of the drug Tamiflu. Now the two have reached an agreement. Stephen Beard reports.
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Getting to know Ben

John Dimsdale | Nov 15, 2005
Ben Bernanke goes before the Senate Banking Committee today for the toughest job interview of his life, for Federal Reserve Chief. What will we learn about him? John Dimsdale has some ideas.
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