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YouTube 2006: A bit of Napster revisited

Lisa Napoli | Dec 28, 2006
Just as Napster shook up the recording industry several years ago, YouTube is giving TV and the movie biz a clearer picture of online video's future. Host Bob Moon talks with Lisa Napoli about how what's old is new again.

Now, about that bonus . . .

Amy Scott | Dec 28, 2006
It's been an especially bountiful bonus season on Wall Street, with record year-end payouts to the brokers and bankers. And as Amy Scott reports, there are other folks waiting to share the wealth.
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Big Three gear down in '06

Alisa Roth | Dec 28, 2006
It was another tough year for GM, Ford and Chrysler. The U.S. automakers are working to turn things around — will they fare better in 2007?
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Democrats will play to stay

John Dimsdale | Dec 28, 2006
2007 will see the Democrats return to power in both houses of Congress. John Dimsdale gives us a glimpse of what they have in store for fiscal policy.
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Clone chops, anyone? Anyone?

Dan Grech | Dec 28, 2006
Today the FDA will recommend that meat and milk from cloned pigs and cows be allowed into the food supply &mdash; <i>without</i> a label indicating the food is cloned. Dan Grech reports.
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Save the polar bears

Sam Eaton | Dec 28, 2006
The Bush administration has proposed listing polar bears as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. And it's not just the Arctic that will feel the consequences. Sam Eaton explains.

Break out the bubbly index

| Dec 28, 2006
More champagne equals happier consumers? Economists look at all kinds of indicators to measure consumer sentiment. Alex Goldmark introduces us to the high-end liquor benchmark.
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A new brand of labor talks

Steve Tripoli | Dec 28, 2006
Striking Goodyear workers vote on a new labor contract today &mdash; one that was painstakingly negotiated between management and the labor union and retirees and ... Steve Tripoli has the rest.
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Medicare Plan D gets more confusing

Helen Palmer | Dec 28, 2006
As the Medicare drug plan reenrollment deadline fast approaches, a new glitch is causing problems for many seniors. Helen Palmer reports.
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Book publishing on demand

Janet Babin | Dec 28, 2006
A new way to distribute books will be unveiled at a dozen bookstores and libraries across the country in 2007. Think of it as a vending machine for books. Janet Babin reports.