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October retail sales

Rachel Dornhelm | Nov 15, 2005
The government's retail sales figures for October are expected to be released today, and as Rachel Dornhelm reports, it doesn't appear that higher gas prices have put much of a crimp in consumer spending.

Western Union clamps down on fraud

Scott Jagow | Nov 15, 2005
Western Union has announced a series of steps designed to discourage consumers from wiring money to fraudulent telemarketers. Scott Jagow reports.

Bernanke hearings

John Dimsdale | Nov 15, 2005
The Senate Banking Committee opens hearings today on Ben Bernanke's nomination as chairman of the Federal Reserve board. John Dimsdale reports.

Border crossing

| Nov 15, 2005
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has extended her stay in the Middle East to try hammer out an agreement to ease the flow of people and commerce between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Hillary Krieger reports.
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Schwarzenegger visits China

Ruth Kirchner | Nov 15, 2005
Stung by voters at home, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visits China in a high-profile economic mission. So what does California get out of it? Ruth Kirchner has more.
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Chirac on unemployment

Stephen Beard | Nov 15, 2005
French president Jacques Chirac has unveiled a plan to combat racism and unemployment in his troubled country. But will it become a reality? Stephen Beard reports from London.
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What if they sold a newspaper...

Bob Moon | Nov 14, 2005
...and no one came? Newspaper giant Knight-Ridder says it will explore a possible sale of the company. This raises the question: Will anybody be interested in buying a newspaper group? Bob Moon finds out.

Who is Koch, and how'd they get so big?

Janet Babin | Nov 14, 2005
The privately-held Koch Industries has bought Georgia-Pacific for a cool $13 billion, making it the country's largest private company in terms of revenue. Janet Babin reports on what it is Koch does, exactly.

Screenwriters, or ad copywriters?

Jeff Tyler | Nov 14, 2005
As more people find ways to skip over commercials, product placement in TV shows has become increasingly appealing to advertisers. Today, a coalition of writers and actors denounced the practice. Jeff Tyler reports.

How much choice is too much?

Helen Palmer | Nov 14, 2005
Medicare reaches an important milestone tomorrow, the first day seniors can sign up for the new drug benefit. As Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH, they aren't all thrilled about it.
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