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Housing bubble had a slow leak in 2006

Tess Vigeland | Dec 27, 2006
Is the decline of the housing market the leading edge of an economic downturn? Host Bob Moon and Marketplace's Tess Vigeland look at the conflicting indicators tied to this year's slowing home sales.
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Entitlement reform a priority for Congress

John Dimsdale | Dec 27, 2006
Our major federal entitlement programs are headed for bankruptcy. Will next year's Democratic-led Congress succeed with reforms? John Dimsdale takes the temperature in Washington.

A year in the troughs

| Dec 27, 2006
Robert Reich takes a hard view of 2006's bribes, bonuses and scandals in Congress and the corporate world.

E.U. nations uneasy towards newcomers

Stephen Beard | Dec 27, 2006
A week before Bulgaria and Romania are set to join the European Union, the feeling from the other member nations is a bit frosty. Stephen Beard explores fears stemming from the two countries' bad reputations.
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The economics of Gerald Ford

Hilary Wicai | Dec 27, 2006
As the nation's 38th President, he battled rising unemployment, double-digit inflation, and the worst bear market on Wall Street since World War II. Hillary Wicai takes a look back.
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Former President Gerald Ford dies

| Dec 27, 2006
Our 38th President, Gerald Rudolph Ford, died Tuesday at his home in Rancho Mirage, Calif. At 93, he was the longest-lived U.S. president.
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Predicting oil's future

| Dec 27, 2006
2006 saw oil and gas prices make a rapid rise into record territory before settling somewhat. So what should we expect to pay at the pump in 2007?
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Green is the new bottom line

Sam Eaton | Dec 27, 2006
As energy costs and climate change made headlines in 2006, many businesses began to change their wasteful ways and adopt more sustainable practices. But it's still all about profit.

A worm in the Apple?

Janet Babin | Dec 27, 2006
A published report claims that Apple Computer falsified documents in connection with the granting of stock options — which could bring the case into the criminal realm. Janet babin reports.
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New home sales caveat

Rico Gagliano | Dec 27, 2006
November's new home sales numbers are due out today. They're expected to be up slightly, but that might not mean much. Rico Gagliano explains.
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