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Illinois takes a chance on selling its lottery

Amy Scott | Jan 23, 2007
Illinois is trying to sell its lottery to private investors. Critics say the state is gambling with its future. Amy Scott reports.
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Is there enough corn to go around?

Sam Eaton | Jan 23, 2007
President Bush wants us to use a lot more ethanol. The corn-based fuel substitute is a rising political star on Capitol Hill. But ethanol's future may not be in corn. Sam Eaton reports.
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Down with energy subsidies

| Jan 23, 2007
The president's push for ethanol as an alternative fuel means one thing — subsidies. Economist Susan Lee says bureaucrats and politicians don't usually do well with those.
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Paying for better eyes in the skies

| Jan 23, 2007
The number of flights in the United States is expected to triple in the next 20 years. That's lit a fire under a long-planned, multibillion-dollar overhaul of the air-traffic-control system. Kim Green reports.
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Waste, corruption dry up New Delhi's water

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 23, 2007
Old pipes and lousy management have left more than a billion people in the world without water. In New Delhi, 25% of households don't have any water piped in. Miranda Kennedy reports on what it takes to get a drink.

Malaysia wants to fill 'er up with palm oil

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 23, 2007
With the world's attention slowly turning to alternative fuels such as biodiesel, Malaysia is hoping to cash in on its palm oil. But it may not be as eco-friendly as it sounds. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Time to dump the donkey

| Jan 23, 2007
A donkey? Jesse Kalisher says it's about time Democrats updated their logo to something that'll really move the tchotchkes — and the political contributions. He's got an idea for Republicans too . . .

Less effective birth control?

Hilary Wicai | Jan 23, 2007
Birth control pills may not work as well as they used to. Today the FDA is meeting with a panel of experts to decide what to do about it. Hillary Wicai explains.
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New backdrop for immigration reform

Dan Grech | Jan 23, 2007
With Democrats in control of Congress, President Bush is expected to make a renewed push for an immigration policy overhaul. And his guest worker program might have a better shot this time around. Dan Grech reports.
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Fuel-efficiency politics on deck

Sarah Gardner | Jan 23, 2007
President Bush is expected to call for better fuel economy in his State of the Union address tonight. Sounds simple enough, but not everyone agrees on the best way to achieve it. Sarah Gardner reports
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