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Parking tax hike for gas guzzlers

Stephen Beard | Oct 25, 2006
A wealthy London suburb is planning to charge owners of gas-guzzling autos three times more for residential street parking, while green-car owners will park for free. Stephen Beard reports.
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Can we end our oil addiction?

| Oct 25, 2006
Commentators David Frum and Robert Reich give their respective two cents on the issues that matter most — but probably won't get any air time — in the upcoming midterm elections. This week, alternative energy and foreign oil.

Relax and breathe in the fresh . . . marketing

Sean Cole | Oct 25, 2006
More and more American businesses are using something called "scent marketing"— blowing fragrant aromas into the air to get consumers to spend more and keep coming back. Sean Cole takes a whiff.

<a href=>Alaska's conflict within</a>

Sam Eaton | Oct 25, 2006
As the ice melts, energy companies snatch up oil leases in the heart of Eskimo hunting and fishing grounds. Towns like Barrow, Alaska, are divided over whether to adapt or retain traditional ways of life. Sam Eaton reports.

This final note today . . .

| Oct 25, 2006
Heavier cars usually get the blame for bad gas mileage figures, but a new study by the University of Illinois has a new culprit: heavier people.

Don't vote for 'Death of a President'

| Oct 25, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich takes issue with the fictionalized account of the assassination of President Bush in the film opening this weekend. He says theatergoers should send a message to movie houses &mdash; by staying home.
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<a href=>Infrastructure nightmare</a>

Sam Eaton | Oct 25, 2006
Alaska's network of roads, runways and bridges are proving that man's infrastructure is no match for a warming climate. And scientists say the worst is yet to come. Sam Eaton reports.

Putting cotton back on the table

Scott Tong | Oct 25, 2006
The Doha Round of global trade talks might be dead, but some countries are still looking for ways to level the playing field. Today, U.S. and African officials meet to talk about cotton subsidies. Scott Tong reports.
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Guilty of backdating

Bob Moon | Oct 25, 2006
Federal investigators got their first guilty plea in the stock options backdating scandal. The outcome could give executives at the other 140 companies involved even more to worry about. Bob Moon reports.
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Is that California cheese?

Rachel Dornhelm | Oct 25, 2006
Move over Wisconsin. The Golden State is on pace to become the nation's No. 1 cheese maker. Rachel Dornhelm reports.