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Knocking back a beverage bias

| Jan 9, 2007
It seems you can't sit down to breakfast without hearing about another nutrition study. A lot of the research is funded by the food and beverage industry — and that's a cause of indigestion for some. Allan Coukell explains.
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TSA screeners could get union rights

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jan 9, 2007
The House will vote on a bill today that would allow airport baggage screeners to bargain over working conditions as union members. Nancy Marshall Genzer has details.
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Chavez plunges down socialist path

| Jan 9, 2007
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he'll nationalize his country's largest phone company and utilities — a move that'll probably affect foreign investors. Louis Hamann reports.
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Power shifting in Latin America

Dan Grech | Jan 9, 2007
Nicaragua swears in new president Daniel Ortega tomorrow. He ruled that nation once before back in the '80s, allied with the Soviet Union. Nowadays, he's close to another U.S. foe. Dan Grech reports.
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Russia, Belarus still on the outs

Stephen Beard | Jan 9, 2007
The escalating dispute between Russia and Belarus over oil and gas prices has spilled over into Europe — but oil prices remain curiously unaffected. Stephen Beard explains.
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Looking for a sign in commodities drop

Sarah Gardner | Jan 8, 2007
Alcoa announces its earnings tomorrow amid a steep sell-off in commodities. Some are wondering whether the drop in prices for materials such as copper, aluminum and oil signals an economic slowdown. Sarah Gardner reports.

Uncle Sam would like to speak with you

John Dimsdale | Jan 8, 2007
Nokia, the Finnish cell phone company, and Siemens, the German engineering giant, are talking about merging their network equipment operations. So why is the U.S. government concerned? John Dimsdale reports.
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Do you have that in a shocking pink?

Amy Scott | Jan 8, 2007
What's shiny and pink and small enough to fit in a handbag? The latest model from Taser — the stun gun company. It's one of the hot new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Amy Scott reports.
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Detroit dresses up for its big show

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 8, 2007
The Big Three U.S. carmakers have a lot riding on the Detroit car show that opens later this week. Kai Ryssdal talks with Los Angeles Times auto critic Dan Neil about what he expects to see there.
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An incentive clause for college athletes?

| Jan 8, 2007
Top college coaches bring home more than a million dollars a year. The players don't see a dime before they graduate. Commentator Dwayne Ballen says there's a way to remedy the uneven economic playing field.
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