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Markets start recovery from dark Tuesday

Scott Jagow | Feb 28, 2007
Scott Jagow checks in with fund manager Justin Urquhart-Stewart in London to see what's happening on the European exchanges after yesterday's big sell-off.

Toyota enters Elvis country

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 28, 2007
The Japanese automaker has made it official. It's building a billion-dollar plant in Mississippi. Nancy Marshall Genzer has more.
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House bill would make unionizing easier

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 28, 2007
A bill due on the House floor this week which would make it easier for unions to organize workers. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Workers need stronger unionizing rights

| Feb 28, 2007
The Employee Free Choice Act would make a major change in how workers choose whether to join a union — the first such change since 1935. Commentator Robert Reich says it's about time.
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Airbus to jettison some of its load

Stephen Beard | Feb 28, 2007
After weeks of wrangling behind the scenes, the European plane maker is about to announce its cost-cutting program. About 10,000 jobs are likely to go, mostly in France and Germany. Stephen Beard reports.
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Growers stung by loss of bees

Sam Eaton | Feb 28, 2007
A strange AIDS-like disease is wiping out an unprecedented number of honeybees in the U.S. Experts predict a pollination crisis in orchards and fields. Sam Eaton reports.

Looking for work with a Purple Heart

Amy Scott | Feb 28, 2007
In Fort Dix, N.J., the government is holding a career fair today for soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Amy Scott reports.
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CBS tries to play YouTube's game

Janet Babin | Feb 28, 2007
As part of its coverage of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, the network is inviting fans to post videos on its website. Janet Babin reports.
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World markets plummet in China's wake

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 27, 2007
Those gains the markets enjoyed so far this year? Gone. The three major indices are now below where they started the year. Kai Ryssdal talks with market strategist Al Goldman and business analyst David Johnson about today's market shake-up.

How will China's markets recover?

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 27, 2007
Robert Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International, talks with Kai Ryssdal about what might have caused today's market fall in China and whether it will have a lasting impact.