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Cultivating consumers in rural India

Miranda Kennedy | Oct 17, 2006
U.S. tech companies are setting up product research centers in India to create products to sell to an emerging market of rural, mostly uneducated Indians. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Baby Boomers start truckin'

| Oct 17, 2006
The trucking industry is in the middle of its worst labor shortage ever. As companies hone their recruiting efforts, they're focusing on one group: Baby Boomers. Martha Woodroof tells us it could be a match made in economic heaven.

K Street courting liberals (just in case)

Scott Tong | Oct 17, 2006
Election Day is three weeks away and the political winds seem to be blowing in a "lefterly" direction. In Washington, lobbying firms are already prepping for the Democrats' possible return to relevance, Scott Tong reports.

A great future in plastics

| Oct 17, 2006
Ever wonder what happens to plastic grocery bags once you stuff them into the recycling bin at the store? Jule Gardner has the answer.

It's all about job security

| Oct 17, 2006
Commentator and airline pilot Jonathan Hobbs says employee loyalty can sometimes pay off.

Bankruptcy reform one year later

Jeff Tyler | Oct 17, 2006
It's been a year since new rules made it harder for individuals to wipe out their debts by filing for bankruptcy. Jeff Tyler has this update on how it's working.

Gap tries on shoe business

Dan Grech | Oct 17, 2006
The struggling clothing retailer is testing out, a website with a stylish selection of shoes hand-picked by Gap staff. Dan Grech reports.

Tech industry shedding jobs

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Oct 17, 2006
Companies are slashing tech jobs at the highest rate in months, a new report shows. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at whether the trend will continue.
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Boomers keep on working

| Oct 17, 2006
A new report finds nearly one in four Baby Boomers doubt they'll ever stop working. Diantha Parker reports.

An Intel turnaround?

Sarah Gardner | Oct 17, 2006
Analysts will be looking at today's third quarter earnings report for signs that the Intel's restructuring plans are starting to bear fruit. Sarah Gardner reports.
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