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Program gives workers seeds for success

| Jun 13, 2007
Farm workers usually start and end their careers in the same kind of job. Doing back-breaking work for someone else. A training program in Salinas, Calif., is trying to change that. Rachael McDonald reports.
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More mortgages gone bad

Steve Tripoli | Jun 13, 2007
Looks like we haven't seen the worst of the foreclosure crisis yet. New data shows filings are up significantly. The outlook for the real estate market is grim, and it could be bad news for the economy as well, Steve Tripoli reports.
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Brick rustlin' on the rise

| Jun 13, 2007
Rich clay deposits once made St. Louis the nation's brick capital. Today its distinctive red bricks are a hot commodity for builders -- so hot that some people are stealing entire walls off old buildings. Matt Sepic has the story.
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Playing keep-away from private equity

Stephen Beard | Jun 13, 2007
News that Ford's trying to unload its British luxury brands Land Rover and Jaguar set off alarms among U.K. labor unions. They're lobbying hard to keep the companies out of the hand of private equity. Stephen Beard reports.
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President's Dinner a tough sell this year

Steve Henn | Jun 13, 2007
The GOP's annual gala used to be a hot ticket, even at $25,000. But with President Bush's job approval ratings at an all-time low, organizers expect to rake in just half of last year's $15-million haul. Steve Henn reports.
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Cutting drug costs in half... literally

Helen Palmer | Jun 13, 2007
As health care prices continue to soar, employers are getting more creative about ways to cut costs. The University of Michigan is having its employees cut high-dosage prescription pills in half. Then they share the savings. Helen Palmer has the story.
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Europe ready to fight for Clean Sky

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jun 13, 2007
Leaders in Europe are bracing for harsh criticism from the White House over their new Clean Sky project designed to cut jet carbon emissions and reduce noise pollution, but they say they're just playing catch-up with the U.S. Stephen Beard explains.
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Risking trade war with China?

| Jun 13, 2007
A bipartisan group of Senators today is expected to unveil a bill intended to protect U.S. trade interests, in spite of a warning from Beijing that it would react swiftly to American tariffs. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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A Marshall Plan for Africa

| Jun 13, 2007
Sudan has finally agreed to a peacekeeping force for Darfur, and last week the G8 reaffirmed its 2-year-old pledge to help African countries out of poverty. But commentator Glenn Hubbard says what Africa really needs is a customized Marshall Plan.
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Lots of liquidity . . . and, oh yes, that 'carry trade'

Bob Moon | Jun 12, 2007
Uncertain investors are making some unusual moves these days as they look for places to put their money. Our senior business correspondent Bob Moon explains what's going on in the markets.