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Sorry Budvar...

Stephen Beard | Jun 12, 2007
American brewer Anheuser-Busch has won the latest round in the ongoing legal battle with a small Czech rival over the use of the name Budweiser. It gets to use it on merchandise sold in Europe. But this is far from over, Stephen Beard reports.
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Opening window to sue for workplace discrimination?

Scott Jagow | Jun 12, 2007
Congress is putting together legislation that would increase the amount of time workers have to file discrimination lawsuits against their employers. Supports say the current limits aren't reasonable.
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Bird flu's back

Helen Palmer | Jun 12, 2007
Avian flu has claimed more victims in Asia recently and that's sparked renewed concerns about the possibility of a pandemic — but not so much among the American public. Most of us haven't prepared at all, Helen Palmer reports.
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Millionaire justices

Steve Henn | Jun 12, 2007
Recently-released financial disclosures show that seven of the nine Supreme Court justices are millionaires. That might be expected, but the ways some of them acquired their wealth isn't. Steve Henn reports.
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Nicaragua hunting for investors

| Jun 12, 2007
His country is desperately cash poor, so Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is looking for investment money any which way he can. But it's going to require some crafty negotiating, Dan Grech reports.

Nuts & Bolts: Lessons of failure

Steve Tripoli | Jun 12, 2007
Lots of small-business owners say they never would have succeeded if they hadn't failed first. Steve Tripoli brings us the common lessons of some failed entrepreneurs.

A big day for business at the Supreme Court

Steve Henn | Jun 11, 2007
The Supreme Court released four, unanimous business-related opinions today. There was some bad news for Big Tobacco. And, as Steve Henn reports, it wasn't such a good day for unions either.
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Google called worst at protecting privacy

Lisa Napoli | Jun 11, 2007
The activist group Privacy International issued a report about Internet companies it says are the worst about protecting consumer privacy. It ranked Google as the worst. Lisa Napoli reports.

Brokerages seen as possible takeover targets

Bob Moon | Jun 11, 2007
Some independent brokerage houses are seeing their business shrinking, which has some analysts predicting that they might be ripe for a takeover. Bob Moon reports.
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Got money?

Jill Barshay | Jun 11, 2007
Economists are guessing milk prices will be up 80% this summer. Jill Barshay reports on why the dairy product is suddenly getting so expensive.
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