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Straight Story: Market madness

| Mar 2, 2007
This week, as China goes, does the rest of the world follow? Economics editor Chris Farrell translates the global-market outlook.

Wall Street's wake-up call

| Mar 2, 2007
Comptroller General David Walker felt this week's U.S. market plummet was a call to attention for the country, and that maybe we shouldn't always depend on foreign investors to bail us out. Bob Moon has the story.
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Bush's budget plan doesn't quite balance

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 2, 2007
Congress said the president's spending plan for the next fiscal year fails to balance the nation's books by 2012. A couple of senators have come up with a plan for turning back the tide of red ink. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

ExxonMobil's not fighting the Chavez takeover

Dan Grech | Mar 2, 2007
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said this week his government will take over control of four key oil projects, including one held by ExxonMobil. He's set an ambitious 60-day deadline for the handover. Dan Grech reports.

Who will be the next Warren Buffett?

| Mar 2, 2007
Faced with his own mortality, the 76-year-old Berkshire Hathaway CIO wants to find someone younger to take the reins. Bob Moon talks to Buffett biographer Andy Kilpatrick about filling Buffett's shoes.
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Brits won't take fees lying down

Stephen Beard | Mar 2, 2007
While the U.K.'s biggest banks are reporting record profits, consumer groups say hundreds of thousands of customers should get their money back. Stephen Beard reports.
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Are we recovered yet?

| Mar 2, 2007
The U.S. stock market is still reeling from Tuesday. Bob Moon checks in with business analyst David Johnson about how we're doing.
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How 'free' are union workers really?

| Mar 2, 2007
The House's Employee Free Choice Act would make it easier for employees to unionize before their employers knew what hit them. But commentator Seth Borden thinks the bill is just a way for unions to be more pushy.

A winning innovation for philanthropy

Jocelyn Ford | Mar 2, 2007
Scientists now have a new way to get motivated as more companies offer their philanthropy in the form of prizes. Pat Loeb reports on the X Prize Foundation.

Day in the Work Life: A dog's tale

| Mar 2, 2007
On this week's "A Day In the Work Life," our regular look at how folks trade time for money, we nose around with a rescue patroller.
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