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Econo-reasoning behind everyday things

Scott Jagow | Jul 2, 2007
Some of life's little mysteries have simple economic explanations behind them. Econ professor Robert Frank shares a few, and the philosophy behind his book and the assignment that gets everyone thinking about everyday life in cost-benefit terms.
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Congress says no to abstinence-only

| Jul 2, 2007
Starting this fall, the nation's public schools will have less money to spend on abstinence-only sex ed. The Democrats who now control Congress have different priorities for the $50 million grant that used to fund it. Stuart Cohen reports.
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Riding the iPhone publicity wave

Dan Grech | Jul 2, 2007
Universal Music is refusing to renew its annual contract with Apple to make its music available on iTunes. The at-will arrangement means Universal could yank its big name artists at a moment's notice. But that seems unlikely, Dan Grech reports.
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Delivery trucks to run on McDiesel

| Jul 2, 2007
McDonald's plans to recycle its used cooking oil to run its delivery trucks in the U.K. by year's end. The move may not save the company money, but it says it'll reduce its carbon emissions by 78 percent and it could boost sales along with its green image.
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Right time to buy... heating oil?

Steve Tripoli | Jul 2, 2007
Now's the time of year when many people who heat their homes with oil get a chance to lock in prices for next winter. But there's no guarantee prices won't fall. Steve Tripoli looks at whether it's worth the gamble.

Sustaining the power grid

Sam Eaton | Jul 2, 2007
New evidence suggests 2007 is on track to become the planet's second warmest year on record and climate experts predict that droughts, floods and heat waves will only get worse. That doesn't bode well for the nation's aging power grid, Sam Eaton reports.

China watching foreign cash flow

| Jul 2, 2007
Today China is the No. 1 destination for foreign direct investment among developing nations, but with taxes and labor costs are rising, some are worried about companies leaving for countries like India and Vietnam.
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Straight Story: Financial literacy education

Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell | Jun 29, 2007
Economics editor Chris Farrell says financial literacy education is a good tool for reducing predatory lending.

How to snag a billionaire

| Jun 29, 2007
Love's just so much better when you can elope with your husband or wife on a yacht (or several). But don't settle for a millionaire, think big! Tess Vigeland finds out how to marry really, really rich from Money Magazine's Marlys Harris.

Are you sure you deleted that e-mail?

| Jun 29, 2007
You may think you've trashed all those "classified" files, but your computer is really just one big copying machine. So before you sell off an old computer, make sure your personal data is really gone.
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