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Work Life: Fire behavior analyst

| Sep 22, 2007
Meet Mike Powell, a fire behavior analyst. It's his job to predict how wildfires will burn. We found him sizing up a blaze in Idaho.

'Trash Vigeland' meets the challenge

Tess Vigeland | Sep 22, 2007
Trash Vigeland ... Mess Vigeland ... Bag Lady. The name calling began last weekend when Tess started two weeks of carrying around her trash 24-7 to get an idea of how much she sends to the landfill. Here's her update -- and her challenge to you.

Bernanke loves me, he loves me not

Tess Vigeland | Sep 22, 2007
The Fed and it's Chairman Ben Bernanke showed Wall Street some love by cutting the key federal funds rate by a half a percentage point. Tess Vigeland talks with Peter Morici about what the rate cut may mean to the average consumer.

Dollar's drop falls both ways

Alisa Roth | Sep 21, 2007
With the dollar weakening against the euro, trips across the pond are even more expensive than they were. North of the border it's another story. We asked Alisa Roth if she could find folks who are feeling the pinch -- and finding a good fit.
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Halo3 takes publicity drive to next level

Lisa Napoli | Sep 21, 2007
This weekend brings the final push of a nearly year-long media blitz that you might have managed to tune out -- unless you live with a video gamer. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Alan, you should have known better

| Sep 21, 2007
Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan wrote in his recently released memoir that he was disappointed Republicans didn't deliver smaller government and lower spending. Commentator Benjamin Barber says he should stop believing the party rhetoric.
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Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 21, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Closing a door to identity thieves

Steve Tripoli | Sep 21, 2007
Consumer groups and the big three credit reporting bureaus have been feuding for some time over when and how consumers can keep their histories from being released -- especially to fend off identity thieves. Now there's a break in that battle. Steve Tripoli reports.

FDA bill stops short of drug-ad bans

Steve Henn | Sep 21, 2007
The Senate has passed a bill that gives the Food and Drug Administration new powers to monitor drugs after they hit the market. But some consumer advocates had hoped the bill would go further at reining in drug ads. Steve Henn explains.
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Mattel to China: We didn't play nice

Jill Barshay | Sep 21, 2007
Mattel issued a statement today. No, not another toy recall. This one was an apology to the people of China. Jill Barshay reports.
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