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GM brings back the electric car

Alisa Roth | Apr 20, 2007
It's been blamed for killing the electric EV1 back in the '90s, but now GM has turned out a prototype for the Volt — an electric car that runs on such advanced clean technology, it won't hit production until the end of the decade.
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Boots for sale

Stephen Beard | Apr 20, 2007
Britain's biggest pharmacy chain has agreed to $20 billion takeover bid by an American private equity firm. It would be the biggest such buyout in European history, but it may spark a bidding war before shareholders get a chance to approve it.
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Plane makers slash prices

Scott Jagow | Apr 20, 2007
There are some great bargains on the table if you're an airline in the market for new planes. Rivals Boeing and Airbus are offering huge discounts on their midsized and jumbo jets in the ongoing battle for customers.
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More flu vaccine than we need

Helen Palmer | Apr 20, 2007
Drug companies are expected to pump out a record 132 million doses of flu vaccine for next winter — even though there were 20 million doses left over this year.
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National Guard needs more . . . everything

| Apr 20, 2007
Money for equipment and training. Money for recruitment and retention. Faced with a serious budget shortfall, National Guard and Reserve leaders are on the Hill today asking for the funding they'll need for the year ahead.
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China takes plunge, Wall Street keeps cool

Bob Moon | Apr 19, 2007
The Shanghai Index fell 4.5% today on news of China's exploding economy and rising inflation. But Wall Street didn't react. Host Bob Moon gets some insight into what's happening from Eurasia Group director Jason Kindopp.

Gates offers nations a lure to get with his programs

Lisa Napoli | Apr 19, 2007
Bill Gates says Microsoft will practically give away its software in developing nations that provide computers to kids. He wasn't wearing his foundation hat — it's all about business. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Against the pound, dollar's losing its weight

Stephen Beard | Apr 19, 2007
The dollar continues to fall on world markets, especially against the British pound. It now takes two dollars for every pound — a 26-year high. Good for Britain? Not necessarily. Stephen Beard reports.
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U.S. should give up control over world bank chief

| Apr 19, 2007
Commentator Krishna Guha says World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz may be under pressure to resign, but the U.S. wields too much power for him to be fired. It's time, Guha says, for a bank chief from a developing nation.
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Chavez's socialism means <em>more</em> classes

Dan Grech | Apr 19, 2007
In Venezuela, the government of President Hugo Chavez is going to provide workers with four hours of free classes each week &mdash; in Marxism. Dan Grech reports.