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A different way of doing business

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 9, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal visits Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy in the latest Conversation from the Corner Office. McNealy talks about how his company has been able to compete with Microsoft and IBM on a much smaller budget.

Sloan Sessions: Pretexting

Scott Jagow | Oct 9, 2006
Host Scott Jagow speaks with Newsweek magazine's Wall Street editor Alan Sloan about possible criminal charges and who should be held responsible in Hewlett-Packard's corporate spying scandal.
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Outsourcing intelligence jobs

Jeff Tyler | Oct 9, 2006
Ever since 9/11, the U.S. intelligence sector has been on a hiring spree. Critics say the rush to fill desks is leading to some imprudent choices. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Markets react to North Korea nuke tests

Jocelyn Ford | Oct 9, 2006
North Korea says it has conducted its first ever nuclear test, in defiance of international opinion. Asian markets fell on the news, but the reaction could be short-lived, Jocelyn Ford reports.
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And the Nobel goes to . . .

Steve Tripoli | Oct 9, 2006
The 2006 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics was announced today. Edmund Phelps of Columbia University is $1.4 million richer for adding to what we know about jobs and inflation. Scott Tong reports.
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MySpace showing its age

Janet Babin | Oct 9, 2006
The online social networking market is heating up. A new study finds that the sector is maturing and quickly separating into niches. Janet Babin reports.
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Annan passing the baton

Rachel Dornhelm | Oct 9, 2006
On Monday, the United Nations Security Council will nominate the body's new secretary general. Rachel Dornhelm looks at the fiscal responsibilities awaiting Kofi Annan's replacement.
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Renewable energy summit targets Latin America

Dan Grech | Oct 9, 2006
Finland is holding the latest in its series of renewable energy conferences aimed at developing partnerships to develop large-scale renewable energy plans. This time it's Latin America. Dan Grech reports.
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Leadership changes ahead for Airbus?

Eleanor Beardsley | Oct 9, 2006
EADS today denied reports in the German press that it has agreed to accept the resignation of the Airbus chief executive Christian Streiff. Eleanor Beardsley reports.
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Hitting housing's ceiling

| Oct 6, 2006
What you need to know today about your housing payments to come.
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