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Know your worth in the job market

Alisa Roth | Aug 3, 2007
Prospective employees have a right to know what they're worth in the job market. Alisa Roth shows us how salary websites can help your research and why you might also want to be careful about the numbers.
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Mailbag for Friday, August 3, 2007

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Aug 3, 2007
Chris Farrell covers investing an annuity, buying a short sale home and getting your name off a credit card account.
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Keynes on economics

Chris Farrell | Aug 3, 2007
I'm skimming through a book by Carlo M. Cipolla, Between Two Cultures: An Introduction to Economic History. He has nice quote from Keynes on...

Phone call for marketing

Curt Nickisch | Aug 3, 2007
Seems that companies could take a lesson from the political landscape when it comes to effectively using social media and social marketing: Engage first, get money later. Curt Nickisch explains.
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Rebirth of the Holy Land Experience

Jeff Tyler | Aug 3, 2007
One of Orlando's lesser-known theme parks is in line for a much-needed promotional boost. The Holy Land Experience may find new life thanks to new owner Christian TV network Trinity Broadcasting. Jeff Tyler reports.
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A foreclosure storm on the horizon?

Steve Henn | Aug 3, 2007
The announcement that American Home Mortgage will drastically cut operations and lay off 7,000 may be just the beginning of a crisis in the U.S. lending market. Steve Henn reports on how deep the problem goes.
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Rise of the green collar worker

Sam Eaton | Aug 3, 2007
Demand for skilled workers is already outpacing supply in the rapidly expanding eco-friendly sector of the economy. Enter legislation that could help fill the gap -- and provide pathways out of poverty for thousands of workers. Sam Eaton has details.
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Vodafone, BNP don't mix on Facebook

Stephen Beard | Aug 3, 2007
The British telecom giant pulled its ads from the popular social networking site after its ads bumped up against the manifesto of the British National Party, seen as xenophobic and racist. Stephen Beard reports from London.

Congress packing lots in before break

Jeremy Hobson | Aug 3, 2007
August recess is scheduled to begin tomorrow so lawmakers this week have been scrambling to put some bills to the president's desk before they leave town. Jeremy Hobson looks at what's on the agenda.
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New prescription for Northwest pilots

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 3, 2007
Northwest Airlines says it had to cancel so many flights during peak travel season this summer because pilots were calling in sick and skipping work. Pilots blame post-bankruptcy cost-cutting measures. But a new deal could make it all better, Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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