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Paulson's new game plan

Jill Barshay | May 14, 2007
The U.S. just isn't attracting foreign investment the way it used to, so Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson wants to see some changes in our playbook. And if he can push his agenda through, American companies may enjoy the new rules as well, Jill Barshay reports.
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Trade agreements get bipartisan support

John Dimsdale | May 11, 2007
Congress and the Bush administration have taken the first step toward approving trade agreements with four countries. But John Dimsdale reports that there are still some difficult steps ahead.
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Assessing other risks from global warming

Sam Eaton | May 11, 2007
The House passed legislation that will require an intelligence assessment on the national security risks posed by global warming. Sam Eaton reports.

Campaign funding with full disclosure

Steve Henn | May 11, 2007
Federal campaign finance laws are complicated. But in Virginia it's simple: Give as much money as you want as many times as you want. The catch? Everybody gets to know. Steve Henn reports.

Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | May 11, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson discusses with host Kai Ryssdal what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Russian in position to hold Chrysler stake

Kai Ryssdal | May 11, 2007
A leading bidder for Chrysler says it's taken a $1.5 billion investment from a Russian tycoon with close ties to the Kremlin. Russia expert Anders Aslund talks with Kai Ryssdal about who's involved.
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Middle East influence from the ground up

| May 11, 2007
In Lebanon, Sunni and Shia groups are engaged in reconstruction one-upmanship. Ben Gilbert reports that if you expect to be a player in the Middle East, Lebanon is the place to make your mark.

A mom for the second time

| May 11, 2007
Commentator Nanci Olesen is a mom. Her kids are teenagers, but now she's sort of a new mom again, relearning the value of that work.

Beethoven rocks!!

Rico Gagliano | May 11, 2007
U.K. radio's Classic FM says its audience now boasts almost half a million young teens — 50 percent more than February. The Marketplace Players wish the great composers were around to take advantage of the new youth market.
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Buzzword: Channel bonding

| May 11, 2007
Cable companies say they've discovered a way to transmit data even faster. Too bad they can't figure out a faster way to get it to us.