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What will China do for Africa?

Scott Tong | Jan 30, 2007
Chinese President Hu Jintao's trip to Africa today affirms the fast-growing economic ties between the two countries. But financial success also means more political responsibility for China. Scott Tong reports from Shanghai.
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Pilots looking for payback

Amy Scott | Jan 30, 2007
Pilots unions are fighting to gain back some of the billions of dollars they've lost to airlines' pay and benefit cuts. Amy Scott reports.

Britain gambles on casino in Manchester

Stephen Beard | Jan 30, 2007
The new super casino in Manchester will create jobs in one of Britain's most deprived areas, but critics worry about the possible economic and social effects. Stephen Beard reports.
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House probes global warming censorship

Eric Niiler | Jan 30, 2007
A House panel today investigated allegations against administrative officials pressuring federal scientists to keep global warming references from their research. Eric Niiler has the story from Washington.
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CO2 costs the planet but helps our wallet

Sarah Gardner | Jan 30, 2007
Carbon dioxide is hard on the environment in the long run. But, at least in the short run, attempts to reduce CO2 emissions could tax the economy. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Letters from you

| Jan 30, 2007
Susan Linn's commentary comparing the Bush Administration to the Baby Einstein company sparked mixed responses from listeners. Host Kai Ryssdal goes over those and other recent letters.

Labor unions seek to play global game

Kyle James | Jan 30, 2007
Labor unions are taking a cue from big corporations and expanding their recruiting efforts internationally. Kyle James reports from Berlin on attempts by some groups to form a multimillion-member super union.
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In the eye of the beholder

| Jan 30, 2007
Scientists debate whether the paintings of Jackson Pollock depict complex mathematical patterns. His work is worth millions regardless, but commentator Lawrence Krauss says the real value is up to you.

Singing for their tips

Sean Cole | Jan 30, 2007
Cold Stone Creamery continues to give Baskin-Robbins a run for its money — more likely because of the toppings smooshed into your ice cream on cold stones than their other gimmick. Sean Cole explains.
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College is a steal

| Jan 30, 2007
The cost of higher education keeps going up, but Southwestern University president Jake Schrum says if you add up the value of everything you're getting, the price of that college education is actually a bargain.