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Will sanctions work against Myanmar?

Alisa Roth | Sep 25, 2007
Protests continued in Myanmar today, with thousands taking to the streets. The military government responded by banning public gatherings. President Bush called for more economic sanctions against the Southeast Asian nation. Alisa Roth reports.

Housing sales take a dive

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 25, 2007
The housing news out today was especialy bleak. Sales of existing homes fell for the sixth-straight month to the lowest point in five years. Kai Ryssdal has more.
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Congressman calls out bad campaign

Sarah Gardner | Sep 25, 2007
Democratic congressman Henry Waxman says Department of Transportation staffers campaigned behind-the-scenes to trash California's fuel economy standards. But Bush officials says they've done nothing wrong. Sarah Gardner reports.

Too sweet to be true?

Dan Grech | Sep 25, 2007
CBS's show "Cane" about a Cuban-American family's sugar empire premieres tonight. While the network claims it's all make-believe, Dan Grech reports the family bears a striking resemblance to a real-life one in Palm Beach.
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Rcession Watch

Chris Farrell | Sep 25, 2007
Do you think a recession is coming with the downturn in housing? Or are you in the camp that believes the worst is behind us?...

Lennar cuts labor

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 25, 2007
Miami-based homebuilder Lennar suffered it's biggest lost in the company's 52-year history, causing it to cut 35 percent of its jobs. Jeremy Hobson reports more are on the way.
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Tess Vigeland | Sep 25, 2007

Day 1: Fix Japan's economy

Scott Tong | Sep 25, 2007
Yasuo Fukuda started today as Japan's new prime minister, and he's already got a lot of economic baggage to carry. Scott Tong reports what's on the leader's to-do list.
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New economy, antiquated labor system

| Sep 25, 2007
Even with a modern, global economy, slavery can still be found in the U.S. Doug Krizner talks to John Bowes, who has a new book out on contemporary slavery, about how and why it's still around.
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A defining point for the auto industry

| Sep 25, 2007
What effect will the United Auto Workers strike have on General Motors, and how long can it last? Doug Krizner asked Micki Maynard from The New York Times, who said the UAW could be at it for weeks.
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