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Tequila puts agave on the hog cycle

Dan Grech | Jul 4, 2007
Back in the late '90s, tequila made such a big splash in U.S. pop culture that it drove up the price of agave, the spiky plant used to make Mexico's national liquor. The events that followed tell an age-old story in agriculture. Dan Grech explains.
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Big Tobacco's troubles spread to Africa

Scott Jagow | Jul 4, 2007
Can't find new smokers in the West? Why not try kids in Africa! The Nigerian state of Kano says that's what tobacco companies have done, and now they're suing. Times of London's Tosin Sulaiman fills us in.
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Automakers heat up summer incentives

Alisa Roth | Jul 3, 2007
Detroit automakers have once again jacked up car-buying incentives for the summer. Meanwhile, Japanese car manufacturers are using their own version to entice consumers. Alisa Roth reports.
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$1 million to rat out your company!

Helen Palmer | Jul 3, 2007
An alliance of software companies is offering up to a cool seven figures to whistleblowers who report their companies' use of pirated or illegally copied computer programs. Helen Palmer reports.
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Beijing not coming clean on pollution

Sam Eaton | Jul 3, 2007
An upcoming World Bank report has found that pollution in China causes about 750,000 deaths a year. But don't look for that figure in the final report. The Chinese government has pressured the World Bank to leave it out. Sam Eaton reports.

Moving up a blockbuster's payday

Tess Vigeland | Jul 3, 2007
People involved in a hit movie can reap big bucks if they sign a profit-participation deal. But it can take years to get the money. So, a new company is offering cash upfront for rights to future earnings. Tess Vigeland talked with its CEO, Steve Kram.
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Will safety rise with higher drug fee?

| Jul 3, 2007
Congress is expected to significantly increase a fee assessed to drug companies that helps the FDA run its drug approval process. But not everyone thinks the extra money will make drugs safer. Snigdha Prakash reports.
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China drives for place in U.S. car market

Dan Grech | Jul 3, 2007
China's ZX Auto is teaming up with an American company to assemble vehicles in Mexico and then import them here. The result: An SUV selling for $13,000. Dan Grech reports.
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Sills pulled corporations into the arts

| Jul 3, 2007
Opera soprano Beverly Sills, died Monday at 78. In a 2002 Marketplace commentary, she argued for corporate America to invest its money -- and time -- in the arts. In remembrance, we offer it again.

China playing dirty on pollution?

Scott Jagow and Scott Tong | Jul 3, 2007
News that 750,000 people are killed by pollution in China each year is made more disturbing still by allegations that the nation pressured the World Bank to omit that statistic from a recent report. Scott Tong has details.
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