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Health insurance targeting the young

| Jul 10, 2008
There are roughly 13 million 19 to 29-year-olds in the U.S. without health insurance, and insurance companies are trying to reach out to them through hip marketing. But Devin Dwyer reports many of them will still say no.
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Co-Signing for Sister

Chris Farrell | Jul 10, 2008
Question: I have a sister who is currently applying for private student loans. She has no co-signer and is therefore subject to higher interest...
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Salsa may have extra (unwanted) kick

Richard Core | Jul 10, 2008
Some diced tomatoes, a little minced jalapeno, a bit of of fresh cilantro . . . a risk of salmonella....
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Getting to the root of job numbers

Chris Farrell and Scott Jagow | Jul 10, 2008
Employers hired workers in May at the slowest pace in about five years, but the unemployment hasn't moved that much. Scott Jagow talks to economics correspondent Chris Farrell, who doesn't get the job numbers.
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Pentagon tears up Airbus contract

Stephen Beard | Jul 10, 2008
European labor unions are angry with the Pentagon for tearing up a huge contract with plane maker Airbus. Stephen Beard reports the U.S. government broke the $35 billion deal so a Seattle company could bid.
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Fewer filling in hotel vacancies

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jul 10, 2008
The hotel industry is struggling in the current economy, but some are doing better than others depending on their business model. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports where occupancy rates are right now.
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Several hundred applications on one iPhone

Melissa Kaplan | Jul 10, 2008
Forget the fact that the newer, faster iPhone comes out this Friday. What the world is really waiting for with bated breath is the iPhone App Store...
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Inflation Inequality?

Chris Farrell | Jul 9, 2008
Income inequality has worsened ovre the past three decades or so. Economists in the Global Economics Research area of UBS recently took a look ...

Candidates search for election funds

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 9, 2008
John McCain still trails Barack Obama in fundraising, but may find help from an array of independent groups. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Politico's Jeanne Cummings about where the campaigns will turn for money in this election.

Take the politics out of FEMA

| Jul 9, 2008
The way the government handles a natural disaster can clearly have political ramifications, but commentator David Frum argues that's not an excuse to let politicians manage disaster relief.