Downtown Atlanta's growth elusive in its inner core

by Roxanne Scott Oct 15, 2019
While residents continue to flock to the city, downtown Atlanta is still short on basic residential amenities.
A view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
Christian Petersen / Getty Images

In Texas, immigrant businesses breathe new life into old units

by Miguel Perez May 6, 2019
There are a lot of empty retail spaces across the United States looking for fresh ideas to lure in shoppers. Urban designers say it’s all about offering something you can’t get online. In some cases, immigrant business owners in Texas…
Wooden sign board hanging on door of cafe
nathaphat/iStock/Getty Images Plus

4 ways to design safer cities, and why we don't

by Eliza Mills Aug 25, 2017
Architectural changes may not be the best way to counter vehicle terrorism.
Sunset Triangle Plaza in Los Angeles, CA is pedestrianized and uses planters as barriers between people and busy Sunset Boulevard. 
LADOT/Jim Simmons

The history of the Las Vegas Strip is the history of how we vacation

by Kai Ryssdal May 15, 2017
The evolution of the Strip's architecture reflects how U.S. leisure trends have changed in the last several decades.
Neon signs advertising casinos and clubs on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Why new streetcars could be coming to your city

by Mark Garrison Feb 15, 2016
They're cheaper than subways. But busses might make more sense.

The tricky practice of pricing parking

by Tracey Samuelson Mar 13, 2015
Cities are looking at variable rates as a way to raise money and control traffic
American Futures

Allentown bets big to shed its former image

by Tommy Andres and Kai Ryssdal Sep 11, 2014
Pennsylvania's third largest city has been dying for decades. Can it build itself back to life?
More than 700 construction workers toil away around the clock in the last two weeks before downtown Allentown’s new hockey arena, the PPL Center, opens. This view is from developer J.B. Reilly’s office.
Tommy Andres/Marketplace

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British pubs: popular but disappearing

by Stephen Beard Aug 20, 2014
Britain's famous warm hostelries are giving way to supermarkets and other stores.

How the White House calculates infrastructure jobs

by Krissy Clark May 14, 2014
White House warns 700,000 infrastructure jobs could be lost. What's that include?

Broken windows, busted real estate market

by Alana Semuels May 7, 2014
Philadelphia is cracking down on dilapidated buildings, because it pays to.

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