Despite June's bullish employment numbers, the job market is reeling — and will be for a while

Jul 2, 2020
Employment remains below pre-pandemic levels, and as recently reopened businesses re-close, more job losses are on the way.
A grocery store employee cleans carts for customers in New York. Low-wage workers are disproportionately affected by the suffering job market.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Fed says big banks have passed their COVID-era stress tests

Jun 25, 2020
But the central bank is putting a stop to share buybacks and limiting bank dividends.
The Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C. The stress test the Fed created this year envisioned 10% unemployment. The current rate is 14%.
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Falling unemployment rate suggests businesses are bringing workers back amid COVID-19

Jun 5, 2020
The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 13.3% in May, and 2.5 million jobs were added
It's a surprisingly positive reading in the midst of a recession that has paralyzed the economy.
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The unemployment rate spiked to 14.7% in April. It doesn't fully capture COVID-19 job losses.

May 8, 2020
Some have lost jobs since the April survey, others may not be counted as unemployed because they are not actively seeking work.
Unemployment numbers are likely missing people who aren't working in order to home-school or care for family. Above, a mom works while her son does schoolwork during the pandemic.
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Here’s how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Americans’ paychecks and working hours

May 5, 2020
Our Marketplace-Edison Research Poll looks at how Americans are dealing with COVID-19.
An employee cleaning tables at a business in Franklin, Tennessee.
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Labor force participation rate signals massive job loss

Apr 30, 2020
With first-time jobless claims topping 30 million since mid-March, the Labor Department's April unemployment rate may under-count job loss.
A city worker hands out applications for unemployment benefits at a drive-through center.
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Despite staggering unemployment numbers, it's even worse than it looks

Apr 9, 2020
Nearly one out of 10 people who had a job to go to before the pandemic don't have one now.
One expert estimates unemployment in the U.S. is around 14% currently.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

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U.S. economy loses 701,000 jobs, unemployment rises to 4.4%

Apr 3, 2020
Today's jobs report breaks a more than 9-year streak of job gains.
amstockphoto/Getty Images

Pay no attention to Friday's jobs numbers

Apr 2, 2020
The BLS monthly jobs report is based on surveys conducted in mid-March, before the recent wave of layoffs and furloughs.
Job listings are down in hospitality and travel during COVID-19. Above, a note of closure on the door of the Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 19.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Weekly unemployment claims start to give a snapshot of COVID-19 layoffs

Mar 19, 2020
Many companies are laying off workers. Weekly jobless claims will tell us how many people are now filing for state unemployment benefits.
For the week of March 14, there were 281,000 new claims, the highest level for initial claims since Sept. 2, 2017.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images