The big reason Catalonia wants to secede may be economic: it's one of the richest regions in Spain

Sep 29, 2017
With a GDP of 266 billion euros, economists say Catalonia could be economically viable without Spain if it secedes in its Oct. independence referendum.
Merchandise stands have popped up all over Barcelona, selling everything from T-shirts to banners that say "Sí" for a "Yes" vote. The region is preparing for an independence referendum on Oct. 1 to secede from Spain, a move that the central government has declared illegal. 
Lucia Benavides/ for Marketplace

In Europe, signs of economic recovery

Jun 8, 2017
These past few years have been rough for the European economy. The Greek debt crisis; shaky banks in Italy; widespread unemployment in Spain. Now, though, there are signs that things are picking up. The European Central Bank, which frames economic…

Despite Spain's economic woes, families still go all out for first communion parties

May 17, 2017
The celebration, like a small wedding, takes months to plan and can cost a few thousand dollars.
Arxé Moda is one of many clothing stores in Barcelona that specializes in custom-made dresses for first communions. The bridal-like gowns can cost anywhere from $400 to $500.
Lucia Benavides

Spain election latest evidence of anti-austerity anger

Dec 21, 2015
Divisive results dealt a blow to the party that oversaw Spain's economic recovery.

Spain's anti-austerity party flounders

Dec 18, 2015
The leftist party Podemos is struggling as Spain's economy improves.

Spain recovers as elections loom

Dec 17, 2015
Ruling conservatives hope to be rewarded for overseeing an economic recovery.

Catalonia's regional vote sparks concerns across Spain

Sep 25, 2015
Elections Sunday in the prosperous region could trigger a political crisis.

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Catalonia prepares for crucial vote Sunday

Sep 24, 2015
Some candidates want independence from Spain.

PODCAST: What are 'Climate Hubs?'

Feb 5, 2014
The Obama administration is set to announce the creation of regional offices called climate hubs today. Also, Twitter is set to release its first earnings report.

Spain's skilled and affordable workers may turn the tide

Feb 5, 2014
Spain is still suffering from an economic crisis that has left 26 million people unemployed.