Anu Anand

Former Host, Marketplace Morning Report from BBC World Service


Anu Anand was a presenter for BBC World Service and hoste the first cast of Marketplace Morning Report from BBC World Service.

Anu has presented BBC global radio news programs, including The World Today (now Newsday), World Have Your Say and Newshour. In 2007, Anu moved back to India full time to report on a country emerging from decades of tightly controlled markets into the glare of global capitalism. She reported for the BBC, The Guardian and others on the extraordinary cultural and economic changes taking place in the world’s biggest – and most colorful and chaotic – democracy.

Born in Jammu, India, Anu grew up in New York and North Carolina. She left the US in 1996 bound for India and landed a job as an international TV news producer for the Associated Press. From there, she moved to London in 1999, freelancing for CNN and ITN, before moving to BBC World Service Radio, where she’s been ever since.

She recently completed a BBC World Service six-part series on the most common global cancers, travelling to Mongolia, Tanzania and Uruguay. She’s also conducted a live audience interview with Sir Ian McKellen on his artistic, political and sexual identity, as well as travelled to Burma and Nepal to report on both countries.

Anu lives in Bath, UK, with her husband and two children.

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