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Small businesses seeking loans to cover COVID-19 losses face confusion, frustration and uncertainty

The loan program was designed before we understood how long this crisis might last, Amanda Ballantyne of Main Street Alliance says.
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For small businesses, promise of federal emergency loans turns into "waiting game"

Apr 7, 2020
Banks are starting to process applications for loans from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, but businesses aren’t sure when they’ll see the checks.
The small business loan part of the stimulus package is still causing uncertainty.
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The Fed steps in to finance COVID-19 relief loans for small businesses

Apr 7, 2020
The Federal Reserve is creating a "lending facility" to keep things running smoothly for small business loans.
The central bank is finding new ways for it to finance the loans commercial banks are being told to write to small businesses.
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The small business loan rollout wasn't so smooth

Apr 6, 2020
The Small Business Administration is guaranteeing paycheck protection loans. But applying for one of them hasn't been so simple.
"I'm just inclined to feel like a week wasn't enough to organize, you know, a $350 billion small loan program," one business owner said.
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Why small business loans for COVID-19 relief may be delayed

The federal government's guidelines for banks only went out Thursday night — hours before the program was supposed to start.
Can banks really start writing emergency loans to small businesses today as expected?
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Square offers small-business loans

Mar 25, 2016
The payments company is venturing into an activity some see as risky.
Square CEO Jack Dorsey demonstrates the Square payment system Congressman Dave Camp and Senator Max Baucus while touring the Square headquarters on August 19, 2013 in San Francisco, California. 
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