Forever stamps are about to get more expensive — again

Jun 4, 2024
The price of a first-class Forever stamp is set to rise from 68 cents to 73 cents on July 14. But some question what they get for the price.
A Forever stamp will cost 73 cents starting July 14.
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Postmaster DeJoy wanted to make a government service profitable. It's not happening.

Nov 16, 2023
This week the U.S. Postal Service announced a $6.5 billion net loss for the fiscal year ending September 30.
The USPS is a service that, historically, has almost never turned a profit. 
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How will USPS reform affect postal workers?

Mar 10, 2022
The organization has struggled with declining mail volume and revenue, and shouldered a costly health care plan for retirees.
A USPS mail carrier walks past the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. The service stands to benefit from a congressional overhaul.
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Louis DeJoy on why he’s slowing mail and raising prices at the USPS: “We have no money”

Nov 17, 2021
The Postmaster General explains his controversial plan for the future of the Postal Service.
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifies during a hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee in 2020.
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A holiday glut of packages prompts a shipping crisis for small businesses

Dec 24, 2020
Retailers are increasing shipping fees while fielding more calls from customers, asking, "Where's my package?"
Mail carriers load up their trucks at a USPS distribution center in El Paso, Texas, earlier this year.
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U.S. Postal Service is a big employer of veterans

Aug 19, 2020
The USPS says veterans make up roughly one-sixth of its workforce.
The federal pension the USPS offers is one part of what makes the job attractive to veterans.
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U.S. Postal Service gets new leader as it deals with big financial concerns

Jun 15, 2020
How does the traditional role of the postal service square with modern delivery demands?
A USPS mail carrier loads her truck in El Paso, Texas, in April.
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For public good, not for profit.

Postal Service experiments with driverless mail trucks

May 21, 2019
The big-rig mail trucks will include a safety driver in case something goes wrong.
One of the trucks being used in the trial.

USPS $3.9 billion from being in the black

Nov 15, 2018
The U.S. Postal Service lost almost $4 billion during the 2018 fiscal year.
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Postal service may get green light for higher stamp prices

Aug 11, 2017
The U.S. Postal Service wants more freedom to raise the price of stamps. After a 10-year review, regulators at the Postal Regulatory Commission could give a decision on that request as soon as next month. This comes as USPS has lost money for the past 10 years straight. Click the audio player above to hear […]