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Pipeline firms seek to avoid cybersecurity mandates, despite Colonial hack

May 17, 2021
Companies don’t need to share information on outages with the government or others in the industry.
Electric power companies and airlines are required to report cybersecurity threats to the government. Why are pipeline companies exempt?
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

$8 billion natural gas pipeline canceled, raising questions about fuel's future

Jul 6, 2020
With challenges from environmental groups and state governments, the idea of natural gas as a bridge fuel may be fading.
Climate activists protest the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in February.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Reporter's notebook: a bitterly contested $8 billion pipeline along the Appalachian Trail

Feb 24, 2020
The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is the subject of a U.S. Supreme Court case to be heard Monday.
Climate activist groups protest the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on Feb. 24, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

What the FERC does and why it's not doing it

May 31, 2017
The federal agency has been hamstrung by slow appointments to key positions.
David McNew/Getty Images

North Dakota residents have mixed response to pipeline protest

Oct 5, 2016
Ongoing protest against the Dakota Access oil pipeline is putting some locals on edge.
Protestors camp in tents and tepees to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota
Amy Sisk/Inside Energy

A single pipeline leak slows the Southeast

Sep 19, 2016
Many kinds of disconnects impact pipelines these days: some physical, others cognitive.

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Oil train traffic is down — for market reasons

Aug 24, 2016
Economics are proving more powerful than protest in stifling crude-by-rail shipments.
At its peak, in October 2014, trains leaving the Bakken region of North Dakota moved more than 29 million barrels.

Explosion heat up concerns over gas pipelines

Jul 5, 2016
A recent Pennsylvania gas explosion has raised questions about safety
Investigators on the scene of an April 29, 2016 Pipeline Explosion that badly burned a 26-year-old man in Salem Township, Pennsylvania.

The politics behind oil pipelines

Sep 4, 2015
The environmental costs of leaks and spills are devastating, too.