How the Pandora Papers show the U.S. has become the tax haven for the global elite

Oct 4, 2021
Dominic Rushe of the Guardian outlines the financial and geopolitical implications of the Pandora Papers.
Among other things, the documents known as the Pandora Papers reveal the fast growth of special trusts in South Dakota, directly tied to the easing of restrictions, says the Guardian’s Dominic Rushe.
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Pandora Papers offer expansive look at how the wealthy hide money

Among the revelations: People are moving money and assets to within the U.S., in states like South Dakota and Alaska.
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How the Panama Papers' secret network of offshore money was discovered

Nov 22, 2017
In his new book, writer Jake Bernstein describes the web of accounts and how “it touches everything.”
A sign reading “Macri corrupto” pasted on the fence of the Government Palace in Buenos Aires during a demonstration against Argentine President Mauricio Macri in 2016, after a prosecutor opened an investigation on his offshore financial dealings leaked in the Panama Papers.
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Xi Jinping's family linked to Panama Papers

Apr 4, 2016
Xi Jinping is among 8 of China's top officials whose families own shell companies to hide their money.
Xi Jinping's family has been linked to the Panama Papers scandal.
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