Nobel Prize winner Claudia Goldin on remote work's potential to narrow gender pay gaps

Claudia Goldin, winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in economics, discusses the impact of care responsibilities disproportionately falling on women.
"It's not just the person who has the greater care responsibilities who is giving up something," said Nobel laureate Claudia Goldin, "but it's the other person who is living a life of the high-flyer, but is not going to see his child take her first step."
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Nobel winner advances understanding of women and the labor market

Oct 9, 2023
Harvard economist Claudia Goldin has illuminated issues such as the gender gap in pay, child and elder care, and the shortfall in women economists.
Some of Claudia Goldin’s more recent research found that the pandemic has had a greater impact on women than men when it comes to employment and labor participation.
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Economic historian Claudia Goldin wins Nobel Prize in economics for research on gender pay gap

Claudia Goldin's work explores women's experience of the labor market and what factors drive the gender gap.
Claudia Goldin is announced as the 2023 Nobel Prize winner in economics in Sweden on Monday.
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Preparing for a bump in book sales, post-Nobel win

Oct 6, 2023
The new Nobel laureate in literature, Jon Fosse, is known in much of the world, but has yet to become a household name in the US.
Norwegian writer Jon Fosse — recent recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature — poses for a photo at his home near Frekhaug, Norway, on Oct. 5.
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A Nobel Prize-winning economist's view of bank runs and deposit insurance

Oct 19, 2022
Professor Philip Dybvig, co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, co-authored a seminal paper on how deposit insurance can help prevent financial crises.
Philip Dybvig jointly won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on bank runs, deposit insurance, and financial regulation.
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One prized Nobel effect: a bump in book sales

Oct 6, 2022
The award can boost sales for a little known author, and can also highlight a field of research.
French writer Annie Ernaux, seen here in Mexico, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature today.
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Nobel Prize Economist David Card on testing Econ 101 theories in the real world

Oct 12, 2021
UC Berkeley Economist David Card reflects on his now Nobel Prize winning research.
David Card won the 2021 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in developing research tools that help economists to use real-life situations to test big theories.
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For public good, not for profit.

Toni Morrison's impact on the publishing industry

Aug 6, 2019
The celebrated author worked to make the American publishing industry more inclusive.
Toni Morrison poses with her 1977 novel entitled "Song of Solomon" in 2012 during the 10th America Festival in Paris, France.
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Why economist Joseph Stiglitz is advocating for "progressive capitalism"

May 30, 2019
Stiglitz discusses the themes and recommendations contained in his latest book: People, Power, and Profits: Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent.
Nobel prize-winning US economist Joseph Stiglitz listens during the opening session of the 6th edition of the "Entretiens du Tresor" seminar at the Economy Ministry in Paris on January 31, 2017.

Nobel winner Nordhaus changed terms of climate debate

Oct 8, 2018
There’s a new report out on climate change science and it’s bleak. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made up of thousands of scientists, finds the earth’s temperature has risen 1 degree Celsius — or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit — since pre-industrial times. And if we don’t keep warming under 2 degrees? Well, the oceans could rise an […]
Yale Professor William Nordhaus speaks during a press conference after winning the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences at Yale University on Oct. 8, 2018 in New Haven, Connecticut.
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