The ISIS regime you've never seen

Apr 13, 2018
New York Times correspondent Rukmini Callimachi dug into 15,000 ISIS documents that provide a look at the group's administrative structure.
A member of the Iraqi forces walks past a mural bearing the logo of the Islamic State group in a tunnel that was reportedly used as a training center by the jihadists in the village of Albu Sayf on the southern outskirts of Mosul in 2017.

Fighting terrorism online

Aug 4, 2017
Social media companies are struggling — trying to walk a fine line between cracking down on propaganda from terrorist organizations like ISIS, which are sophisticated at using social media, without trampling free speech.
Today's generation likes information that can be consumed quickly.

Liberating Mosul from ISIS is just a first step

Oct 18, 2016
The economic stakes are high for Iraq and ISIS as they fight over Mosul.
Smoke billows as Iraqi forces hold a position in the area of al-Shurah, some 45 kms south of Mosul, while advancing towards the city to retake it from the Islamic State (IS) group jihadists. Some 30,000 federal forces are leading the offensive, backed by air and ground support from a 60-nation US-led coalition, in what is expected to be a long and difficult assault on IS's last major Iraqi stronghold. 

The internet is ISIS' most powerful weapon

Jul 1, 2016
Vanity Fair's Nick Bilton says the terror group is the 'world's deadliest tech start-up'
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

ISIS exploits new networks to fund terror

Mar 22, 2016
ISIS operatives are relying on new sources, online and off, to fund attacks.
A plume of smoke rises over Brussels airport after the controlled explosion of a third device in Zaventem Bruxelles International Airport after a terrorist attack on March 22, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. 
Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

John Kerry sits down with Hollywood's message machine

Feb 17, 2016
The Secretary of State met with a group of studio heads to talk about ISIS
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talked with Hollywood executives Tuesday about using compelling stories to fight ISIS.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

U.N. ministers vow to fight terror in historic move

Dec 17, 2015
Their target is the money the Islamic State uses to fund its activities.

For public good, not for profit.

Obama's call for tech to take down terrorists

Dec 7, 2015
President Obama wants to talk to tech companies about how to thwart terrorists.

Tracking terror funding enters a new era

Nov 19, 2015
With ISIS and others shunning the global financial system, the job is a challenge.

On the ground in Paris

Nov 16, 2015
Kai Ryssdal talks with Marketplace's Stephen Beard, who reports from Paris.