Are house flippers feeling the pinch of higher mortgage rates and a cooling market?

Sep 22, 2022
The answer is mixed, according to a report from a real estate data firm.
Despite rising mortgage rates and the general status of the market, home flippers appear to be on solid ground.
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Why is modern interior design so gray?

Aug 29, 2022
Amid the rise of HGTV after the real estate meltdown of 2008, investors have remodeled a vast swath of properties to look alike.
The drive to make money from housing, rather than live in it, has entrenched a handful of design tropes that include gray floors and mosaic tiles, observes Amanda Mull of The Atlantic.
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Flipping homes is more popular than it's been in decades, thanks to the hot housing market

Jun 28, 2022
But profit margins are shrinking, and the flipping boom may be coming to an end.
Rick Sharga with Attom Data Solutions said he expects to see less house flipping because it's becoming less profitable.
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Even house flippers are being priced out of the market

Jun 23, 2021
Record-high housing prices are making life difficult for house flippers looking to make a quick buck.
With a hot housing market, some house flippers have switched to a flip-to-rent model instead of resale.
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KKR doubles investment in house flipping. Here's why.

Jun 12, 2019
An attractive environment for buying, rehabbing and reselling homes is behind the growing investment.
A home for sale in Miami, Florida.
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Keller Williams gets into the house-flipping business

Apr 23, 2019
The brokerage takes on tech disruptors Zillow and Opendoor with instant offers on homes.
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House flippers are back in big numbers and driving up home prices

Mar 9, 2017
Housing prices have pretty much done nothing but rise for a long time now. That hasn’t just been good news for sellers, but it’s been good news for house flippers, who are back with a vengeance. Flipping — the high-risk art of buying a house, fixing it up and selling it for a sizeable profit […]

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