Prescribed burns need insurance. It's increasingly hard to get

Apr 26, 2023
Why companies that conduct controlled burns are having a harder time finding insurance policies willing to cover them.
Firefighters light a controlled burn during the Mosquito Fire in Foresthill, California.
Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Massive power shut-off would cost businesses in California

Oct 8, 2019
As the risk of wildfire and natural disasters increase with climate change, power disruptions could become more common.
Towers carrying electrical lines in south San Francisco.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

CAT bonds could be key to paying for wildfire losses

Dec 10, 2018
Some urge FEMA to issue a catastrophe bond to help pay for wildfire recovery.
Firefighters battle flames at a burning apartment complex in Paradise, north of Sacramento, California, on Nov. 09.

What tech can — and can't — do to prevent and put out wildfires

Dec 14, 2017
A Berkeley lab is using drones and LiDAR to map fire fuel and understand how it burns.
Firefighters battle the Thomas blaze in California in 2017.
Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

A deadly home explosion renews debate on drilling near homes

Jun 15, 2017
High housing costs in Denver are driving home development in outlying areas close to oil and gas infrastructure.

Gatlinburg looks to holiday tourism as it recovers from fire

Dec 15, 2016
City's mayor asks those who want to help to "come and visit us."
In Gatlinburg's sister city, Pigeon Forge, a Yuletide-themed hotel called Inn At Christmas Place has had to reassure patrons that the building is fine. Pigeon Forge escaped the worst of the fire.
Meribah Knight/WPLN

Bay Area fire highlights region's housing issues

Dec 5, 2016
Thirty-six people have died in a warehouse fire in Oakland. Authorities say the death toll could rise significantly.
A fireman walks by the fire-ravaged warehouse in Oakland where at least 36 people have died.
NICK OTTO/AFP/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

As wildfires spread, homeowners insurance retreats

Oct 26, 2015
Rates rise and coverage is withdrawn as more areas are vulnerable to fire

Some residents used burned trees to rebuild in Bastrop

Oct 19, 2015
Kay Rogers describes rebuilding her house after a fire four years ago.

After Texas fire, business boomed for some

Oct 7, 2015
A wildfire's destruction creates a surge of demand for services and rebuilding.