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An inside look at the return of Marketplace's “Million Bazillion” podcast

Apr 11, 2024
“Million Bazillion” co-host Bridget Bodnar gives a sneak peek of the latest season.
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Education in personal finance is on a tear — and there’s a payoff

Oct 26, 2023
There’s research that shows students who take financial education courses make smarter decisions about money.
Econ and personal finance teacher Sharon Paul stands next to a poster in her classroom showing different notes of currency.
Stephanie Hughes/Marketplace
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Coronavirus pushes up demand for financial literacy, but money to pay for it is tight

Apr 22, 2020
The federal agency has a $1.2 billion fund to pay fraud victims, but can also use it for financial literacy programs.
Seventy five percent of businesses that responded across all sorts of industries say costs for materials have been rising in the last few months.
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Why the Federal Reserve makes comic books

May 21, 2019
“We just wanted to create a tool that was accessible.”
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Companies offer "financial wellness" programs as a job perk

Jul 11, 2017
An increasing number of companies have started offering free programs to teach employees how to manage their own money.
Ashly Johnson recently finished a manager training program with Waffle House, where she learned how to run a restaurant -- and manage her own personal finances better.
Elly Yu

For public good, not for profit.

In Louisiana, kids learn about balancing the books and paying bills

Dec 2, 2016
Last May, Louisiana made financial literacy a mandatory topic in state public schools.
At the Finance Park, a financial literacy simulation in Baton Rouge, middle school students learn the basics of paying bills and taxes, and how to balance a monthly budget.
Jesse Hardman

Financial Feud: Financial Literacy

Nov 27, 2013
39 states now have financial curriculum standards in their schools, which means, there's a new teacher in town.

Young, famous and newly rich: A family dilemma for pro athletes

May 23, 2013
Kobe Bryant's legal battle with his mother over the sale of his childhood memorabilia is an extreme example of the pressure some pro athletes feel from their families when they become wealthy.
Young Wade Davis with his parents and sister.
Courtesy Wade Davis