‘The Circle’ author Dave Eggers thinks the internet is getting creepier

Apr 25, 2017
'The Circle' imagines a worst-case scenario for the connected world.
John Boyega and Emma Watson star in the film adaptation of Dave Eggers' "The Circle."
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Why some movie studios want to skip the theater

Mar 30, 2017
At CinemaCon, studios and theaters are debating how soon make movies available at home
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon

Why hiring a new CEO can be really difficult

Mar 24, 2017
The world’s biggest entertainment company is taking a little more time to choose a new CEO. Disney announced it will extend the contract for CEO Robert Iger for another year, until 2019. This is the third time Disney has extended…

'Frozen' got the new 'Beauty and the Beast' made

Mar 24, 2017
The remake is smashing box-office records, but it started as something very different.
Dan Stevens is the beast and Emma Watson is Belle in Disney's live-action film.

More African-Americans are going to the movies, likely drawn by recent films focusing on black characters

Mar 23, 2017
In spite of a whole lot of predictions to the contrary, the movie industry is hanging in, even as competition for our attention grows. According to a new report from the Motion Picture Association of America, ticket sales in the U.S.…

Hollywood weighs in on Georgia religious freedom bill

Mar 24, 2016
Critics charge a bill before the Georgia governor would permit anti-gay discrimination.
Georgia governor Nathan Deal.
Davis Turner/Getty Images

The economics of a blockbuster

Feb 15, 2016
More tentpoles are pitched in studios, leaving smaller films in the dark.
Kung Fu Panda 3 has hauled in millions worldwide. 

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The appeal of post-recession films

Feb 12, 2016
A look at the trend of films depicting the 2008 financial crisis
"The Big Short" is nominated for multiple Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Last year, "Wolf of Wall Street" was also nominated for several Academy Awards. 
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

How did the Oscars end up so white?

Jan 19, 2016
As hashtags turn into boycotts, a look at the Academy's problem

China and Hollywood are tightening their relationship

Jan 5, 2016
China wants to be a leader in global entertainment. This might be the first step.