For online retailers, packaging is all about economics

Mar 6, 2018
Online retailers are trying to cut down on package waste. But designing a new box for everything a company ships takes a lot of time.
Anton Cotaj at ANAMA Package and Container Testing tests boxes on a machine that simulates road conditions.
Kristin Schwab/ for Marketplace

Amazon will pilot package carrier service in Los Angeles

Feb 9, 2018
As Amazon expands its logistics operations, it’s inching closer to developing a service that competes with FedEx and UPS. Shares of both package carriers fell today after news of Amazon’s new Shipping with Amazon service was reported in the Wall Street Journal. The company is piloting that service in Los Angeles, delivering some goods sold […]

Amazon encroaches on UPS and Fedex territory with deliveries for third party sellers

Oct 6, 2017
Amazon announced this week a new service on the West Coast which could encroach on territory currently held by the likes of UPS and Fedex. The online retail giant said it’s going to be overseeing deliveries for third party sellers. It will still use UPS and Fedex, but it might also choose to use its […]

Fedex says it won’t add surcharges to regular holiday period packages, unlike UPS

Aug 3, 2017
The weather outside may be sweltering, so it might seem an odd time to be thinking about the holiday season, but that’s exactly what shippers are doing. Today FedEx announced it won’t be adding holiday surcharges to regular packages it delivers over that period. That’s significant, because in June, UPS announced it will add an […]

Amazon takes to the skies

Feb 2, 2017
Amazon plans to build an air cargo hub for its delivery planes. The company will only deliver its own mail for now. But there’s a chance it could be competition for the big mail carriers like UPS and FedEx. Click the above audio player to hear the full story. 

The nation’s delivery fleet had challenging holiday

Jan 2, 2017
More online sales means more shipping.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Image

Will FedEx deliver earnings?

Sep 20, 2016
The company is putting a lot of effort into improving business.
FedEx is trying to decrease its dependence on the postal service.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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FedEx meteorologists get your packages home on time

Dec 22, 2015
A million holiday parcels are shipped a night, guided by the weather forecasters.

My Economy: In Memphis, it all happens at night

Dec 21, 2015
The holidays are a boon for a city with a FedEx hub.

On the bright side for FedEx: growing e-commerce

Sep 16, 2015
Aside from China's financial problems affecting shipping, FedEx can be optimistic.