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Mortgage rates and the Federal Reserve, explained

Dec 9, 2019
Here's why long-term interest rates don't always move with the Fed.
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Fed's challenge: to spur inflation

Jun 18, 2019
The FOMC meets this week to set interest rate policy, and it faces a slowing economy with inflation falling.
The Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C.
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It's time for the Federal Reserve's annual game of musical chairs

Jan 29, 2019
The Fed presents a united front when it makes decisions, but not everyone on the Federal Open Market Committee has a say on interest rates.
People wait for a press conference after the Federal Open Market Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., in 2017.
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Fed has to walk fine line on inflation as wages rise

Nov 2, 2018
U.S. businesses ramped up hiring in October, and wages rose by the largest year-over-year amount in nearly a decade. In the final major economic report before Tuesday’s congressional elections, the government said U.S. employers added 250,000 jobs in October. The unemployment rate stayed at a five-decade low of 3.7 percent. Classic economic theory predicts at […]

Economy hits Goldilocks inflation target number

Oct 30, 2018
Cost of goods increased 2 percent over the last year, showing growth is just where the Federal Reserve wants it.
A cornerstone in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York building is seen on July 29, 2011 in New York City. 
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Fed Chair Jay Powell: We’re “independent of political considerations”

Jul 12, 2018
In a 30 minute conversation, Chairman Powell discusses tariffs, political pressure on the Fed and wage stagnation.
Jerome Powell listens as President Trump announces Powell as nominee for Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, November 2, 2017.
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For Dallas Fed president, sustaining long-term growth will take more than tax cuts

Robert Kaplan says fiscal policy should bring less debt and focus on economic fundamentals.
Pedestrians walk past the New York Stock Exchange.
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Behind all this market volatility, there’s another storm brewing

Feb 6, 2018
How does fiscal policy play into what's happening in the markets?
“I'm not concerned about market volatility. The fundamentals are quite strong,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said today during testimony before the House Financial Services Committee after two days of historic losses in the stock markets.
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5 things you need to know about the Federal Reserve

Nov 3, 2017
The Fed does more than just set interest rates.
Alot of decisions about your financial life are made in the Federal Reserve building.