Online retailers lean into secondhand shopping surge

Jun 17, 2024
As consumers become more thoughtful about spending, many are turning to used goods when they need to shop.
"eBay was the OG of all of this," said retail analyst Sucharita Kodali at Forrester. "They're trying to introduce themselves to this new generation."
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Inside the Stanley tumbler collector economy

Jan 12, 2024
“Are there better things I could spend my money on? Absolutely," said one collector. "But am I taking out loans to afford Stanley cups? Absolutely not."
Buy, hold, or sell: Just like the stock market, some Stanley owners are selling their cups now that their value is rising.
Stanley via PR Newswire

eBay aims to strengthen focus on core business as competition builds

Nov 26, 2019
The site known for its auctions has shifted to more fixed price sales, but can't compete with Amazon.
The eBay headquarters in San Jose, California in 2014.
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In this Texas Hill Country town, "tradio" is vital for commerce

Dec 13, 2018
It's entertainment, gossip and a window into rural American life.
KNEL 95.3 FM is a local radio station in Brady, Texas.
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Facebook takes on Craigslist

Oct 3, 2016
Facebook is rolling out a new "Marketplace" feature in four countries.

A new high-tech shopping helper: Dressing room mirrors

Nov 25, 2014
Dressing room mirrors with touch screens that tell stores about your preferences and buying habits are part of a wider push to track online and offline shopping activity.

For public good, not for profit.

Marriage of convenience becomes divorce of necessity

Sep 30, 2014
EBay announced that it’s going to split with PayPal.

eBay and PayPal split

Sep 30, 2014
What a difference eight months makes.

eBay's surprising bet on brick-and-mortar stores

Sep 24, 2014
CEO John Donahoe says the line between e-commerce and retail is blurring.