Some companies help employees cover costs of working from home

Aug 13, 2020
Employees are using the stipends to buy ergonomic chairs, wellness apps, and office equipment.
Some employers are providing stipends to employees for ergonomic chairs, file cabinets and other needs while the pandemic keeps them working at home.
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Home schooling boosts back-to-school spending

Aug 11, 2020
School will be remote for many kids in the fall, and parents have been scrambling to outfit their homes with home-schooling furniture and supplies.
A mother helps her home-schooled daughter learn on a laptop. Parents are buying furniture and equipment to help their kids continue their education at home.
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Passenger airports are struggling to make ends meet

Aug 10, 2020
The downturn in air travel has slashed airport revenue, with fees plummeting for landings, passenger use and parking.
The United Airlines check-in counter at San Francisco International was vacant in early August.
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Using coronavirus relief to pay down credit cards

Aug 6, 2020
Credit card debt was down by $76 billion in the second quarter, the steepest decline in card balances since tracking started.
The changes in household debt in the second quarter were driven by a decline in credit card balances as consumer spending dropped.
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30 million? 18 million? How many Americans are out of work right now?

Aug 6, 2020
Why various estimates of joblessness don't seem to add up.
A woman leaves the Department of Employment Services in Washington, D.C. Estimates of unemployment vary depending on the formula and data used.
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For some caregiver positions, only coronavirus survivors need apply

Aug 5, 2020
As families turn to nannies for child care, some are screening candidates by whether they've had COVID-19, hoping they won't bring the virus into the home.
More parents are turning to child care providers who have had the coronavirus. Survivors may be immune to new infection, the thinking goes.
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Could states run out of unemployment insurance funds?

Aug 3, 2020
Federal government loans are helping some states continue paying jobless benefits, and some still feel the effects of the Great Recession.
A view of the New York State Department of Labor.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

As the COVID-19 lockdown took hold, savings rates spiked

Jul 31, 2020
Government relief has boosted some incomes, and shutdowns have made it harder to spend.
A shuttered movie theater in Los Angeles. As people are unable to spend money on outings like movies and restaurants, the savings rate has climbed.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

U.S. and EU vaccine deals raise fears of 'vaccine nationalism'

Jul 31, 2020
What does it mean for the rest of the world if countries have dibs on vaccine doses?
President Donald Trump tours a North Carolina lab making components for a potential vaccine. The U.S. has struck deals with drug companies for access to coronavirus vaccines in development.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images