Move over, meat. Tyson Foods' CEO is excited about plant proteins.

Tom Hayes says the company is looking at affordable, sustainable options that consumers want.
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Big Food spends big money on the candidates

Nov 3, 2016
Donations usually favor Republicans, but this year Democrats lead 2 to 1.
Food and agriculture companies traditionally donate to the Republican presidential candidate. But this year, it's different.
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Bill to require GMO labeling passes Congress

Jul 15, 2016
Companies say it’s a good compromise, but activists point to loopholes.
A GMO labeling bill passed in Congress on Thursday.

'Big yogurt' just got much bigger

Jul 7, 2016
French food giant Danone plans to purchase WhiteWave, maker of Silk and Horizon Organic.
Danone is the largest yogurt maker in the world.

Food labels to show 'added sugar' amounts in products

May 20, 2016
The FDA is updating the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged foods and beverages.
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Target wants to know how you think about groceries

May 12, 2016
Target is testing how shoppers respond to information about foods' origins and freshness.
Seijen Takamura, the lead designer with the Food + Future coLab, talks to target shopper Nedra Henry.
Jeffrey Thompson

If I say it's artisanal... maybe it is

Apr 25, 2016
Big food producers are moving in on the word "artisanal."
A variety of breads from Panera Bread, some of which the chain has branded with the "artisan" label.

For public good, not for profit.

What food companies learn from a smart-mouthed robot

Feb 15, 2016
A mechanical mouth is helping some big food companies reformulate products.
When the mechanical mouth at the University of Minnesota's Dentistry School chews a piece of cereal, the computer it's hooked up to registers the audio frequencies emitted.
University of Minnesota's Dentistry School

Food giant General Mills tries out some new tactics

Dec 29, 2015
The Big Food company tries on small-size tactics in developing new products.

Don't call it a GMO

Nov 20, 2015
The FDA says the label is confusing, lets look at at non-GMO meal and find out.
This label can mean a lot of things. So how much does it really tell you? The FDA is trying to clear things up.