In labor crunch, businesses back efforts to clear workers' criminal records

Oct 22, 2021
“Clean slate” laws call for updating court databases and creating algorithms to automatically clear records for minor offenses.
Many officials and activists are trying to modernize the record-clearing process for people with criminal records and ease their path to employment.
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Gun stock prices and background checks are surging

Some analysts believe anxiety and fear are driving the spike.
Background checks at licensed gun dealers are up for the third month in a row, and they’re up a lot.
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Landlord's credit check reveals incorrect background information

Aug 8, 2016
A reporter was recently confused for a serial felon when a landlord did a tenant screening on him.
The tenant background search report from TransUnion for reporter Bobby Allyn.
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Gun background checks and mental health records

Feb 15, 2016
New rules on patient privacy and mental health records for gun background check.
Ryan Allen, owner of Frontier Arms in Wyoming
Miles Bryan

BMW, Dollar General sued for job discrimination

Jun 12, 2013
The government is suing BMW and discount retailer Dollar General, saying their use of criminal background checks unfairly discriminates against African Americans.

Online gun sales take off

Apr 17, 2013
Failure of efforts to require background checks casts spotlight on online gun sales.

Background check: what it really takes to buy a gun

Feb 7, 2013
In most states, buyers fill out a federal form that the gun dealer keeps in his shop. In restrictive states, for some guns, buyers need to provide references.
In most states, background checks at a gun store can take a few minutes. In Maryland, checks for buyers of semiautomatic weapons are much stricter. Bob Arthur owns Shooters Supply in Berlin, Md.
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For public good, not for profit.

Background checks and fishing expeditions

Aug 3, 2012
Tess is joined by Paddy Hirsch and David Lazarus to answer listeners questions.

Faulty background checks hurt job hunters

Apr 11, 2012
The National Consumer Law Center says it's the wild west for background-screening report companies that provide shoddy reports.