Yelling at work persists despite awareness of ill effects

Jun 5, 2019
Hostile yelling at work is known to decrease productivity and can increase physical and mental illness, but long hours and nasty public discourse are making for shorter fuses.
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How did you ask for a raise?

Jun 3, 2019
Compared to women, more men end up receiving the raise they asked for.
A man makes his next move.
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How much economic influence do you think tech companies have?

Oct 19, 2018
78 percent of Americans think it's a great deal. But what exactly does that mean?

What makes gig economy workers anxious?

Mar 8, 2018
New data from the Marketplace-Edison Research Poll suggest nontraditional employees have a lot of financial worries.
A Lyft driver navigates to her passenger in San Francisco. A quarter of American workers now participate in the gig economy, the latest Marketplace-Edison Research Poll finds.
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African-Americans, women and millennials have more economic anxiety than the rest of the country

Mar 7, 2018
Whether your economic anxiety has increased or decreased in the last year depends on who you are, according to the latest Marketplace-Edison Research Poll.
Pedestrians walk by a building advertising available retail space on Lexington Avenue on February 8, 2018 in New York. 

What's a "good job"?

Oct 18, 2016
The Marketplace-Edison Research Economic Poll finds that health benefits and a good working environment are among the top attributes of a "good job."
Seventy-three percent of respondents in our economic research poll said health benefits are "essential" to a good job.
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Poll finds Americans' economic anxiety reaches new high

Oct 13, 2016
As the election nears, poll respondents say they're losing sleep over their finances.
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The suburbs aren't immune from economic anxiety

Jun 30, 2016
Our poll shows people are feeling less stable, despite the overall improvement.
Unity Barber shop is in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland.
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This is what economic anxiety looks like

Jun 30, 2016
Coffee shop Wi-Fi and selling family heirlooms
Susan Perkins stands in her antiques booth in Prescott, Arizona. It's one of several jobs the 72 year-old has to supplement her income.
Mariana Dale

Why Americans feel the economy is rigged

Jun 29, 2016
A majority of respondents to our recent poll said the economy was rigged.
A majority of Americans think the economy is rigged, according to our Marketplace-Edison Research Poll.